1 Timothy


A. Salutation [OR} Greeting 1Ti 1:1-2

I.) Legalism and unsound teaching rebuked [OR] Greeting [OR] Misleadings in Doctrine and Living [OR] Salutation [OR] Timothy is reminded of the charge Paul gave him as the apostle left for Macedonia 1Ti 1:1

B. A Warning About False Teachers [OR] Timothy's Task in Ephesus 1Ti 1:3-11

A.) No Other Doctrine [OR] Warning Against False Teachers Of The Law [OR] Warning Against False Teachers 1Ti 1:3

B.) Of The Right Use And Purpose Of The Law 1Ti 1:5

C.) Paul's Call To Be An Apostle 1Ti 1:11

C. Thanksgiving 1Ti 1:12-20

1. God's Mercy to Paul 1Ti 1:12-17

A.) Glory To God For His Grace [OR] The Lord's Grace To Paul [OR] Gratitude For Mercy 1Ti 1:12

2. Guidelines for the Church 1Ti 1:18-2:15

A.) Fight The Good Fight 1Ti 1:18

B.) Hymenaeus And Alexander 1Ti 1:20

D. Worship and Conduct 1Ti 2:1-6:21

I.) Prayer, and the divine order of the sexes [OR] Pray for All Men [OR] Instructions on Worship [OR] A Call to Prayer [OR] Instructions concerning Prayer [OR] It is proper to pray and give thanks for all men 1Ti 2:1

A.) Men And Women In The Church 1Ti 2:8

B.) Women Instructed [OR] Women Are Urged To Modesty In Dress And Behavior 1Ti 2:9

1. Guidelines for Leaders in the Church 1Ti 3:1-16

I.) The qualifications of elders and deacons [OR] Qualifications of Overseers [OR] Overseers and Deacons [OR] Qualifications of Bishops [OR] Qualifications of bishops, deacons, and their wives [OR] Qualifications of Deacons 1Ti 3:1

A.) The Great Mystery [OR] The Mystery Of Our Religion [OR] The Purpose Of Paul's Writing To Timothy About These Things 1Ti 3:14

2. A Prophecy About the Last Times 1Ti 4:1-5

I.) The walk of a "good minister of Jesus Christ" [OR] The Great Apostasy [OR] Instructions to Timothy [OR] Apostasy [OR] False Asceticism [OR] Paul foretells a departure from the faith in later times 1Ti 4:1

3. Guidelines for Serving Christ 1Ti 4:6-16

A.) A Good Servant Of Jesus Christ [OR] A Good Minister's Disci [OR] A Good Minister Of Jesus Christ [OR] He Gives Timothy Sound Advice On How To Be A Good Minister 1Ti 4:6

B.) Take Heed To Your Ministry 1Ti 4:12

C.) Public Reading Of Scripture, And Other Duties 1Ti 4:13

4. Guidelines for Dealing With Other Christians [5:1-6:2a] 1Ti 5:1-6:2

I.) The work of a "good minister of Jesus Christ" [OR] Treatment of Church Members [OR] Advice About Widows, Elders and Slaves [OR] Honor Widows [OR] Duties toward Believers [OR] Rules to be observed in reproof 1Ti 5:1

A.) Honor True Widows 1Ti 5:3

B.) Concerning Widows 1Ti 5:4

C.) Honor The Elders [OR] Concerning Elders 1Ti 5:17

D.) Advice For Timothy's Health 1Ti 5:23

E.) Men's Sins And Good Deeds 1Ti 5:24

F.) Honor Masters [OR] Instructions To Those Who Minister [OR] The Duty Of Servants 1Ti 6:1

G.) False Teaching And True Riches 1Ti 6:2

5. Guidelines for Living a Godly Life [6:2b-21] 1Ti 6:3-21

A.) Error And Greed [OR] Love Of Money [OR] Avoid The Company Of Unreliable Teachers 1Ti 6:3

B.) Goss Is Great Gain 1Ti 6:6

C.) And Love Of Money The Root Of All Evils 1Ti 6:10

D.) The Good Confession [OR] Paul's Charge To Timothy [OR] The Good Fight Of Faith [OR] Which Things Timothy Must Shun, And Which He Must Do 1Ti 6:11

E.) Instructions To The Rich [OR] How He Should Admonish The Rich 1Ti 6:17

F.) Guard The Faith [OR] Personal Instructions And Benediction [OR] Timothy Is Commanded To Guard The True Teachings Entrusted To Him 1Ti 6:20