1 Thessalonians


A. Introduction [OR] Greeting 1Th 1:1

I.) The model church, and the three tenses of the Christian life [OR] Greeting [OR] Thanksgiving for These Believers [OR] Salutation [OR] Paul remembers the Thessalonians at all times in thanksgiving and prayer 1Th 1:1

B. Paul's Prayer for the Thessalonians [OR] Thanksgiving 1Th 1:2-10

A.) Their Good Example [OR] Thanksgiving For The Thessalonians' Faith [OR] The Thessalonians' Faith And Example 1Th 1:2

B.) The Sincerity Of Their Faith And The Power Of The Gospel Among Them Are Widely Known 1Th 1:5

C. Their Defense 1Th 2:1-3:13

1. Paul Remembers When He Was With the Thessalonians 1Th 2:1-12

I.) The model servant, and his reward [OR] Paul's Conduct [OR] Paul's Ministry in Thessalonica [OR] Paul's Ministry [OR] Paul's Ministry in Thessalonica [OR] He recounts to the Thessalonians the manner in which the gospel was preached to them 1Th 2:1

2. Paul Remembers How the Thessalonians Received the Word of God 1Th 2:13-20

A.) Their Conversion 1Th 2:13

B.) Longing To See Them [OR] Paul's Longing To See The Thessalonians [OR] Paul's Desire To Visit The Thessalonians Again 1Th 2:17

C.) Paul Gives A Reason For Being Away From Them So Long And Tells Why He Has Been So Anxious To See Them 1Th 2:18

3. Timothy's Report to Paul 1Th 3:1-13

I.) The model brother, and the believer's sanctification [OR] Concern for Their Faith [OR] Encouragement of Timothy's Visit [OR] His love for the Thessalonians was demonstrated when he sent Timothy to them 1Th 3:1

A.) Encouraged By Timothy [OR] Timothy's Encouraging Report 1Th 3:6

B.) Prayer For The Church [OR] He Prays For Their Spiritual Growth 1Th 3:11

D. Instructions on the Way Christians Should Live [OR] Living for God 1Th 4:1-12

I.) The model walk, and the believer's hope [OR] Plea to Purity [OR] Living to Please God [OR] Sanctification and Love [OR] A Life Pleasing to God [OR] He exhorts them to please God in their lives, and especially to value purity 1Th 4:1

A.) A Brotherly And Orderly Life [OR] To Love One Another 1Th 4:9

B.) And Quietly To Mind Their Own Affairs, Thereby Commanding The Respect Of Outsiders 1Th 4:11

E. The Dead in Christ 1Th 4:13-5:11

1. Comfort About Christians Who Have Died 1Th 4:13-18

A.) The Comfort Of Christ's Coming [OR] The Coming Of The Lord [OR] Those Who Died In Christ [OR] They Are Not To Grieve Hopelessly For The Dead 1Th 4:13

B.) The Manner Of Christ's Second Coming, And Its Effect On His Followers [OR] The Day Of The Lord [OR] Paul Warns The Thessalonians Of The Suddenness Of Christ's Return 1Th 4:16

2. Be Ready for the Day of the Lord 1Th 5:1-11

I.) The model walk, and the day of Jehovah 1Th 5:1

F. Paul Encourages the Thessalonians [OR] The Church 1Th 5:12-22

A.) Various Exhortations [OR] Final Instructions [OR] Christian Conduct [OR] Final Exhortations, Greetings, And Benediction 1Th 5:12

B.) And Gives Them Some Practical Precepts 1Th 5:16

G. Conclusion [OR] Farewell 1Th 5:23-28

A.) Blessing And Admonition [OR] He Prays For Their Sanctification 1Th 5:23

B.) Asks Prayers For Himself, And Sends Greetings 1Th 5:25