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Overview, Part 3 Of 3

1 Samuel


A1. Samuel 1Sa 1-7

1. Samuel's Birth 1Sa 1:1-20

I.) The Story of Samuel to the death of Eli 1Sa 1:1

A.) The Mother Of Samuel [OR] The Family Of Elkanah [OR] The Birth Of Samuel [OR] Elkanah And His Wives [OR] Samuel's Birth And Dedication [OR] Elkanah Has Two Wives And Worships Yearly At Shiloh 1Sa 1:1

1.) He Cherishes Hannah, Though She Is Barren And Ridiculed By Peninnah 1Sa 1:4

A2. Samuel 1Sa 1-7

1.) Hannah's Vow 1Sa 1:8

2.) Hannah In Grief Prays For A Child 1Sa 1:9

A.) The Vow Of Hannah 1Sa 1:10

1.) Eli, First Rebuking Her, Afterwards Blesses Her 1Sa 1:12

2.) Samuel Is Born And Dedicated [OR] Samuel Is Born To Hannah [OR] Hannah Having Given Birth To Samuel, Stays At Home Till He Is Weaned 1Sa 1:19

B.) The Birth Of Samuel 1Sa 1:20

1. Samuel's Childhood 1Sa 1:21-28

1.) Hannah Dedicates Samuel 1Sa 1:21

A.) Hannah Brings Samuel To Eli [OR] She Presents Him, In Accordance With Her Vow, To The Lord [OR] Hannah's Prayer [OR] Hannah's Song Of Thanksgiving [OR] Hannah's Song Of Thankfulness 1Sa 1:24

2. Hannah's Prayer 1Sa 2:1-11

A.) Hannah's Prophetic Prayer 1Sa 2:1

1.) Eli's Wicked Sons 1Sa 2:11

3. The Sins of Eli's Sons 1Sa 2:12-17

A.) The Evil Sons Of Eli [OR] The Wicked Sons Of Eli [OR] Eli's Wicked Sons [OR] The Sin Of Eli's Sons 1Sa 2:12

4. The Faithfulness of Samuel's Family 1Sa 2:18-21

A.) The Child Samuel In The Tabernacle [OR] Samuel's Childhood Ministry [OR] Samuel Before The Lord As A Boy [OR] The Child Samuel At Shiloh [OR] Samuel's Ministry 1Sa 2:18

1.) By Eli's Blessing, Hannah Is More Fruitful 1Sa 2:20

5. Eli's Family Condemned 1Sa 2:22-36

1.) Prophecy Against Eli's Household [OR] Eli Rebukes His Sons [OR] Prophecy Against Eli's Household [OR] Eli Reproves His Sons 1Sa 2:22

A.) The Warning To Eli [OR] Prophecy Against The House Of Eli 1Sa 2:27

1.) A Prophecy Against Eli's House 1Sa 2:28

6. The LORD Calls Samuel 1Sa 3:1-21

A.) Samuel Becomes Jehovah's Prophet-Priest [OR] Samuel's First Prophecy [OR] The Lord Calls Samuel [OR] The Prophetic Call To Samuel [OR] Samuel's Calling And Prophetic Activity [OR] How The Word Of The Lord Was First Revealed To Samuel 1Sa 3:1

1.) Samuel Reluctantly Tells Eli The Vision 1Sa 3:15

2.) Samuel Grows In Favor 1Sa 3:19

7. The Army Sends for the Ark 1Sa 4:1-9

A.) The Ark Taken By The Philistines [OR] The Ark Of God Captured [OR] The Philistines Capture The Ark [OR] Philistines Take The Ark In Victory [OR] The Israelites Are Overcome By The Philistines At Eben-Ezer 1Sa 4:1

1.) They Fetch The Ark, And Terrify The Philistines 1Sa 4:3

8. The Ark Captured 1Sa 4:10-22

1.) They Are Smitten Again, The Ark Taken, Hophni And Phinehas Slain [OR] Death Of Eli [OR] Eli Falling Backward At The News, Breaks His Neck 1Sa 4:10

2.) Ichabod [OR] Phinehas' Wife, Weakened By The News, Dies Giving Birth To I-Chabod 1Sa 4:19

9. The Ark in Philistia 1Sa 5:1-12

I.) From the taking of the ark to the demand for a kind 1Sa 5:1

A.) The Ark Of God A Curse To The Philistines [OR] The Philistines And The Ark [OR] The Ark In Ashdod And Ekron [OR] Capture Of The Ark Provokes God [OR] The Philistines, Having Brought The Ark Into Ashdod, Set It In The House Of Dagon 1Sa 5:1

1.) Dagon Is Struck Down And Cut In Pieces, And The Men Of Ashdod Are Smitten With Tumors 1Sa 5:3

2.) God Similarly Smites The Men Of Gath, When The Ark Is Brought There 1Sa 5:8

3.) And Also The Men Of Ekron, When It Is Brought To Their City [OR] The Ark Returned To Israel [OR] After Seven Months The Philistines Take Counsel How To Send Back The Ark 1Sa 5:10

10. The Ark Is Returned to Israel 1Sa 6:1-7:1

A.) The Ark Brought To Joshua The Beth-Shemite 1Sa 6:1

1.) They Bring It On A New Cart With An Offering Unto Beth-Shemesh 1Sa 6:10

2.) The Ark At Kiriath-Jearim [OR] The People Are Smitten For Looking Into The Ark 1Sa 6:19

3.) The Ark At Kirjath Jearim 1Sa 6:20

4.) They Send To The People Of Kirjath-Jearim To Fetch It 1Sa 6:21

B.) The Ark Brought To The House Of Abinadab. The Revival At Mizpeh [OR] Deliverance From The Philistines [OR] The People Of Kirjath-Jearim Bring The Ark Into The House Of Abinadab 1Sa 7:1

11. Israel Admits It Has Sinned 1Sa 7:2-6

1.) Samuel Judges Israel [OR] The Philistines Subdued At Mizpah [OR] After Twenty Years 1Sa 7:2

2.) Samuel As Judge [OR] Through Samuel's Exhortation, The Israelites Solemnly Repent At Mizpeh 1Sa 7:3

12. The Philistines Defeated 1Sa 7:7-17

1.) While Samuel Prays And Sacrifices, The Lord Discomfits The Philistines, At Eben-Ezer 1Sa 7:7

A.) The Israelites Victorious At Eben-Ezer 1Sa 7:9

1.) The Philistines Are Subdued 1Sa 7:13

B.) Samuel, Prophet, Priest, And Judge [OR] Samuel's Ministry [OR] Samuel Peaceably And Religiously Judges Israel 1Sa 7:15

13. Israel Rejects the LORD as King 1Sa 8:1-22

A.) Israel Demands A King [OR] Israel Asks For A King [OR] Because Of The Bad Government Of Samuel's Sons, The Israelites Ask For A King 1Sa 8:1

1.) Samuel, Praying In Grief, Is Comforted By God 1Sa 8:6

B.) The Theocracy Rejected 1Sa 8:7

1.) Warning Concerning A King [OR] He Describes The Manner Of A King 1Sa 8:10

B. Saul 1Sa 8-15

1.) Israel's Request For A King Granted [OR] God Tells Samuel To Yield Unto The Importunity Of The People 1Sa 8:19

1. Saul Searches for His Father's Donkeys 1Sa 9:1-5

I.) The reign of Saul to the call of David 1Sa 9:1

A.) Saul Chosen To Be King [OR] Samuel Anoints Saul [OR] Saul's Search [OR] Saul, Despairing To Find His Father's Asses 1Sa 9:1

2. Saul Seeks Samuel's Advice 1Sa 9:6-27

1.) By The Counsel Of His Servant 1Sa 9:6

2.) And Direction Of Young Maidens 1Sa 9:11

3.) God's Choice For King [OR] According To God's Revelation 1Sa 9:15

4.) Comes To Samuel 1Sa 9:18

5.) Samuel Entertains Saul At The Feast 1Sa 9:19

6.) Samuel, After Secret Communication, Brings Saul On His Way 1Sa 9:25

7.) Saul Anointed King [OR] Samuel Anoints Saul 1Sa 9:27

3. Saul Anointed by Samuel 1Sa 10:1-8

A.) Saul Anointed King [OR] Saul Among Prophets [OR] Samuel Anoints Saul 1Sa 10:1

1.) He Confirms Him By Prediction Of Three Signs 1Sa 10:2

4. Saul's Anointing Confirmed by Signs 1Sa 10:9-16

1.) Saul Made King [OR] Saul Prophesies [OR] Saul's Heart Is Changed, And He Prophesies 1Sa 10:9

5. The LORD Chooses Saul 1Sa 10:17-27

1.) Saul Proclaimed King [OR] Saul Publicly Chosen King [OR] Saul Proclaimed King [OR] Saul Is Chosen At Mizpeh By Lot 1Sa 10:17

2.) The Different Affections Of His Subjects 1Sa 10:26

6. Saul Defeats Ammon 1Sa 11:1-15

A.) Saul's Victory At Jabesh-Gilead [OR] Saul Saves Jabesh Gilead [OR] Saul Rescues The City Of Jabesh [OR] Saul Defeats The Ammonites [OR] Nahash Offers The Men Of Jabesh-Gilead A Shameful Condition For Peace 1Sa 11:1

1.) They Send Messengers And Are Delivered By Saul 1Sa 11:4

2.) Saul Confirmed As King [OR] Saul Is Confirmed In His Kingdom 1Sa 11:12

B.) The Kingdom Renewed At Gilgal 1Sa 11:15

7. Samuel's Spotless Leadership 1Sa 12:1-12

A.) Samuel's Proclamation Of The Kingdom [OR] Samuel's Address At Saul's Coronation [OR] Samuel's Farewell Speech [OR] Samuel Addresses Israel [OR] Samuel's Farewell Address [OR] Samuel Testifies To His Integrity 1Sa 12:1

B.) Samuel Rehearses The Deliverances Of Jehovah [OR] He Reproves The People For Their Ingratitude 1Sa 12:6

1.) The King Confirmed 1Sa 12:12

8. The New Kingship 1Sa 12:13-25

A.) The Sign Of Thunder And Rain [OR] God Terrifies Them With Thunder In Harvest Time 1Sa 12:16

1.) Samuel Comforts Them In God's Mercy 1Sa 12:20

9. The LORD Rejects Saul as King 1Sa 13:1-23

A.) The Self-Will Of Saul [OR] Saul's Unlawful Sacrifice [OR] Samuel Rebukes Saul [OR] War With The Philistines [OR] Saul's Select Band Of Three Thousand Warriors 1Sa 13:1

1.) He Calls The Hebrews To Gilgal Against The Philistines, Whose Garrison Jonathan Had Defeated 1Sa 13:3

2.) The Philistines' Great Host 1Sa 13:5

3.) The Distress Of The Israelites 1Sa 13:6

B.) Saul Intrudes Into The Priest's Office [OR] Saul, Weary Of Waiting For Samuel, Offers Sacrifice 1Sa 13:8

C.) The Divine Rejection Of Saul Announced [OR] Saul Assumes Priestly Office [OR] Samuel Reproves Him 1Sa 13:11

1.) Preparations For Battle 1Sa 13:15

2.) No Weapons For The Army [OR] Israel Without Weapons 1Sa 13:16

3.) The Three Looting Bands Of The Philistines 1Sa 13:17

4.) The Policy Of The Philistines, To Permit No Smith In Israel 1Sa 13:19

5.) Jonathan Attacks The Philistines [OR] Jonathan Surprises And Routs The Philistines 1Sa 13:23

10. Jonathan Defeats the Philistines [14:1-23a] 1Sa 14:1-23

A.) Jonathan's Great Victory [OR] Jonathan Defeats The Philistines [OR] Jonathan's Victory [OR] Jonathan, Unknown To His Father, The Priest, Or The People, Defeats The Philistines' Garrison 1Sa 14:1

1.) Israel Routs The Philistines [OR] There Is Panic In The Camp And Among The People 1Sa 14:15

2.) Saul, Not Waiting For The Priest's Answer, Engages The Philistines 1Sa 14:17

3.) The Captive Hebrews And The Hidden Israelites Join Against Them 1Sa 14:21

11. Saul's Curse[14:23b-46] 1Sa 14:24-46

1.) Saul's Rash Oath [OR] Jonathan Eats Honey [OR] Saul's Foolish Order [OR] Saul's Rash Oath [OR] Saul's Unadvised Command Hinders The Victory 1Sa 14:24

2.) He Restrains The People From Eating Blood 1Sa 14:32

3.) He Builds And Altar 1Sa 14:35

4.) Jonathan In Danger Of Death [OR] Jonathan, Taken By Lot, Is Saved By The People 1Sa 14:36

12. Summary of Saul's Reign 1Sa 14:47-52

1.) Saul's Continuing Wars [OR] Constant Warfare [OR] Saul's Continuing Wars [OR] Saul's Strength And Family 1Sa 14:47

2.) Saul's Family 1Sa 14:49

13. Saul Disobeys the LORD 1Sa 15:1-9

A.) Saul's Incomplete Obedience [OR] Saul Spares King Agog [OR] The Lord Rejects Saul As King [OR] Saul's Disobedience [OR] Saul Defeats The Amalekites But Spares Their King [OR] Samuel Sends Saul To Destroy Amalek 1Sa 15:1

1.) He Spares Agag And The Best Of The Spoil 1Sa 15:8

14. The LORD Rejects Saul 1Sa 15:10-35

1.) Saul Rejected As King [OR] Samuel Rebukes Saul [OR] Saul Rejected As King [OR] God Rejects Saul For His Disobedience 1Sa 15:10

2.) Saul's Humiliation 1Sa 15:24

3.) Samuel Kills Agag 1Sa 15:32

4.) Samuel And Saul Part 1Sa 15:34

15. David Chosen to Be King 1Sa 16:1-13

I.) From the call of David to the death of Saul 1Sa 16:1

A.) The Choice Of David To Be King [OR] David Anointed King [OR] Samuel Anoints David [OR] Samuel Goes To Bethlehem [OR] David Anointed As King [OR] Samuel Is Sent By God To Beth-Lehem 1Sa 16:1

1.) His Human Judgment Is Reproved 1Sa 16:6

2.) He Anoints David 1Sa 16:11

B.) David Anointed To Be King [OR] David Anointed 1Sa 16:12

16. David Plays the Lyre for Saul 1Sa 16:14-23

A.) David Is Brought To Saul [OR] A Distressing Spirit Troubles Saul [OR] David In Saul's Service [OR] David Plays The Lyre For Saul 1Sa 16:14

1.) Saul Sends For David To Quiet His Evil Spirit [OR] David And Goliath [OR] Goliath's Challenge [OR] The Armies Of The Israelites And Philistines Being Ready To Battle 1Sa 16:15

C. David Gains the Kingship 1Sa 16-31

1. David and Goliath 1Sa 17:1-58

A.) Goliath 1Sa 17:1

1.) The Defiance Of Israel By Goliath 1Sa 17:1

(I.) Goliath Comes Proudly Forth, Challenging Any Israelite To Personal Combat 1Sa 17:4

(II.) David Takes The Challenge 1Sa 17:12

2.) David Is Sent To The Army Of Saul 1Sa 17:15

(I.) David Accepts The Challenge 1Sa 17:20

(II.) Eliab Chides Him 1Sa 17:28

(III.) He Is Brought To Saul To Whom He Shows The Reason Of His Confidence 1Sa 17:30

3.) David's Victory Over Goliath [OR] David Kills Goliath 1Sa 17:31

(I.) Armed By Faith, He Slays The Giant 1Sa 17:38

(II.) Saul Takes Notice Of David 1Sa 17:55

2. David's Love for Jonathan 1Sa 18:1-5

A.) The Love-Covenant Of Jonathan And David [OR] Saul Resents David [OR] Saul's Jealousy Of David [OR] Jonathan And David [OR] Jonathan's Covenant With David [OR] Jonathan Loves David 1Sa 18:1

3. David's Success Makes Saul Jealous 1Sa 18:6-30

A.) Saul's Jealousy Of David, Whom He Endeavors Twice To Kill [OR] Saul Envies His Praise 1Sa 18:8

1.) Saul Turns Against David [OR] Saul Tries To Kill David [OR] Seeks To Kill Him In His Fury 1Sa 18:10

2.) Fears Him For His Good Success [OR] David Marries Michal [OR] Offers Him His Daughter 1Sa 18:12

B.) Michal, Saul's Daughter, Given To David [OR] David Marries Saul's Daughter 1Sa 18:20

1.) David Become The King's Son-In-Law And Brings Michal's Dowry 1Sa 18:22

2.) Saul's Hatred And David's Glory Increase 1Sa 18:28

4. Saul's Plan to Kill David 1Sa 19:1-7

A.) Saul's Third Attempt To Kill David: David's Flight [OR] Saul Persecutes David [OR] Saul Tries To Kill David [OR] David Protected From Saul [OR] Jonathan Intercedes For David [OR] Saul Plans To Kill David But Is Reconciled By Jonathan 1Sa 19:1

5. Saul Tries to Kill David 1Sa 19:8-24

1.) Michal Helps David Escape From Saul [OR] By Reason Of David's Good Success In A New War, Saul's Malicious Rage Breaks Out Against Him 1Sa 19:8

2.) Michal Deceives Her Father With An Image In David's Bed. 1Sa 19:12

A.) The Spirit Of God Protects David [OR] David Joins Samuel In Ramah [OR] David Comes To Samuel In Naioth 1Sa 19:18

1.) Saul's Messengers, Sent To Take David 1Sa 19:20

2.) And Saul Himself, Prophesy 1Sa 19:22

6. David Makes a Promise to Jonathan 1Sa 20:1-42

A.) Jonathan Protects David [OR] Jonathan's Loyalty To David [OR] David And Jonathan [OR] David And Jonathan Covenant [OR] The Friendship Of David And Jonathan [OR] David Consults With Jonathan For His Safety 1Sa 20:1

1.) Jonathan And David Renew Their Covenant By Oath 1Sa 20:11

2.) Jonathan's Token To David 1Sa 20:18

3.) Saul, Missing David, Seeks To Kill Jonathan 1Sa 20:24

4.) Saul Is Angry With Jonathan 1Sa 20:30

5.) Jonathan Lovingly Takes His Leave Of David 1Sa 20:35

7. David at Nob 1Sa 21:1-9

A.) David Flees To Ahimelech And To Achish [OR] David And The Holy Bread [OR] David At Nob [OR] David Takes Consecrated Bread [OR] David At Nob Requisitions The Hallowed Bread 1Sa 21:1

1.) Doeg Is Present 1Sa 21:7

2.) David Takes Goliath's Sword 1Sa 21:8

8. David at Gath 1Sa 21:10-15

1.) David Flees To Gath [OR] David At Gath [OR] David Flees To Gath [OR] David At Gath Pretends To Be Mad 1Sa 21:10

9. David in Judah and Moab 1Sa 22:1-5

A.) David In Rejection Gathers His Mighty Men [OR] David's Four Hundred Men [OR] David At Adullam And Mizpah [OR] The Priests Slain At Nob [OR] David And His Followers At Adullam [OR] Companies Resort Unto David At Adullam 1Sa 22:1

B.) David's Wanderings And Dangers [OR] At Mizpeh He Commends His Parents Unto The King Of Moab 1Sa 22:3

1.) Admonished By Gad, He Comes To Hareth 1Sa 22:5

10. Saul Massacres the Priests at Nob 1Sa 22:6-23

1.) Saul Murders The Priests [OR] Saul Kills The Priests Of Nob [OR] Saul Slaughters The Priests At Nob [OR] Saul, Pursuing Him, Complains Of His Servant's Unfaithfulness 1Sa 22:6

2.) Doeg Accuses Ahimelech 1Sa 22:9

3.) Doeg Executes Saul's Command To Kill The Priests 1Sa 22:11

4.) Abiathar, Escaping, Brings David The News 1Sa 22:20

11. David Saves the City of Keilah 1Sa 23:1-14

A.) David's Wanderings And Adventures [OR] David Saves The City Of Keilah [OR] David Saves Keilah [OR] David Delivers Keilah [OR] David, At The Word Of The Lord, Rescues Keilah 1Sa 23:1

1.) Saul Pursues David [OR] When God Reveals To Him The Coming Of Saul And The Treachery Of The Keilites, David Escapes 1Sa 23:7

2.) David In Wilderness Strongholds [OR] In Ziph Jonathan Comes And Comforts Him 1Sa 23:14

12. David in the Desert of Ziph [23:15-24a] 1Sa 23:15-24

1.) Saul Pursues David [OR] David Eludes Saul In The Wilderness 1Sa 23:15

2.) The Ziphites Betray Him To Saul 1Sa 23:19

13. David in the Desert of Maon [23:24b-29] 1Sa 23:25-29

1.) At Maon He Is Rescued From Saul By The Invasion Of The Philistines. 1Sa 23:25

2.) He Dwells At En-Gedi 1Sa 23:29

14. David Spares Saul's Life 1Sa 24:1-22

A.) David's Mercy To Saul In En-Gedi [OR] David Spares Saul [OR] David Spares Saul's Life [OR] David In A Cave At En-Gedi, Having Cut Off Saul's Skirt, Spares His Life 1Sa 24:1

1.) Thereby Proving His Innocence 1Sa 24:8

2.) Saul, Acknowledging His Fault, Takes An Oath Of David, And Departs 1Sa 24:16

15. Samuel Dies 1Sa 25:1-

A.) The Death Of Samuel [OR] Death Of Samuel [OR] David, Nabal And Abigail [OR] Samuel's Death [OR] Samuel Dies 1Sa 25:1

16. David, Nabal, and Abigail 1Sa 25:2-44

A.) David And Nabal [OR] David And The Wife Of Nabal [OR] Nabal And Abigail [OR] David In Paran Sends To Nabal 1Sa 25:2

1.) Provoked By Nabal's Churlishness, He Plans To Destroy Him 1Sa 25:10

2.) Abigail, Understanding This, Takes A Present 1Sa 25:14

3.) Abigail Intercedes 1Sa 25:18

4.) And, By Her Wisdom 1Sa 25:23

5.) Pacifies David 1Sa 25:32

6.) Nabal, Hearing Of This, Dies 1Sa 25:36

B.) Abigail Becomes David's Wife [OR] David Marries Abigail [OR] David Takes Abigail And Ahinoam As His Wives 1Sa 25:39

C.) Ahinoam Becomes David's Wife 1Sa 25:43

1.) Michal Is Given To Phalti 1Sa 25:44

17. Saul's Final Pursuit of David 1Sa 26:1-25

A.) David Spares Saul The Second Time [OR] David Spares Saul A Second Time [OR] David Again Spares Saul's Life [OR] David Again Spares Saul [OR] David Spares Saul's Life A Second Time [OR] Saul Comes To Hachilah Against David 1Sa 26:1

1.) David Comes Into The Encampment And Restrains Abishai From Killing Saul, But Takes The King's Spear And Water Pitcher 1Sa 26:5

2.) David Reproves Abner And Pleads With Saul 1Sa 26:13

3.) Saul Acknowledges His Sin 1Sa 26:21

18. David at Ziklag 1Sa 27:1-28:2

A.) David's Lapse Of Faith. He Goes To Philistia [OR] David Allied With The Philistines [OR] David Among The Philistines [OR] David Flees To The Philistines [OR] David Serves King Achish Of Gath [OR] Saul, Hearing That David Is In Gath, Seeks No More For Him 1Sa 27:1

1.) David Begs Achish For The Town Of Ziklag 1Sa 27:5

2.) Invading Other Countries, David Persuades Achish That He Fought Against Judah 1Sa 27:8

B.) David Among Israel's Enemies [OR] Saul And The Witch Of Endor [OR] Saul And The Spirit Medium [OR] Achish Puts Confidence In David [OR] Saul Consults A Medium [OR] Saul Having Destroyed The Witches 1Sa 28:1

19. Saul's Sin-The Occult 1Sa 28:3-25

1.) And Now In His Fear Forsaken Of God 1Sa 28:5

A.) Saul And The Witch Of En-Dor [OR] Seeks A Witch 1Sa 28:7

1.) The Witch, Encouraged By Saul, Raises Up Samuel 1Sa 28:9

2.) Saul, Hearing His Ruin Foretold, Faints 1Sa 28:15

3.) The Woman And His Servants Refresh Him 1Sa 28:21

20. The Philistines Reject David 1Sa 29:1-11

A.) David Providentially Saved From Fighting Against Israel [OR] The Philistines Reject David [OR] Achish Sends David Back To Ziklag [OR] The Philistines Mistrust David [OR] David Marches With The Philistine, But Is Rejected By Their Princes 1Sa 29:1

1.) Achish Dismisses Him, With Commendations 1Sa 29:6

21. David Defeats the Amalekites 1Sa 30:1-31

A.) David Avenges The Destruction Of Ziklag [OR] David's Conflict With The Amalekites [OR] David Destroys The Amalekites [OR] David's Victory Over The Amalekites [OR] The Amalekites Spoil Ziklag 1Sa 30:1

1.) David, Asking Counsel, Is Encouraged By God To Pursue Them 1Sa 30:4

2.) By The Means Of A Revived Egyptian, He Is Brought To The Enemies, And Recovers All The Spoil 1Sa 30:11

3.) The Spoils Are Divided 1Sa 30:21

4.) David's Law To Divide The Spoil Equally Between Those Who Fight And Those Who Keep The Supplies 1Sa 30:22

5.) He Sends Presents To His Friends 1Sa 30:26

22. The Death of Saul 1Sa 31:1-13

A.) The Death Of Saul [OR] The Tragic End Of Saul And His Sons [OR] Saul Takes His Life [OR] Saul And His Sons Slain [OR] The Death Of Saul And His Sons [OR] Saul Having Lost His Army, And His Sons Slain, He And His Armorbearer Kill Themselves 1Sa 31:1

1.) The Philistines Possess The Towns Abandoned By The Israelites 1Sa 31:7

2.) They Triumph Over The Dead Bodies 1Sa 31:8

3.) The People Of Jabesh-Gilead, Recovering The Bodies, Burn Them At Jabesh, And Bury Their Bones 1Sa 31:11