1 Peter


A. Salutation [OR] Greeting 1Pe 1:1-2

I.) Christian suffering and conduct in the light of full salvation [OR] Greeting to the Elect Pilgrims [OR] A Living Hope, and a Sure Salvation [OR] Salutation [OR] Peter praises God for His many mercies 1Pe 1:1

B. Privileges and Responsibilities [OR] Faith in Christ Brings You Joy1Pe 1:3-2:12

A.) A Heavenly Inheritance [OR] Praise To God For A Living Hope [OR] A Living Hope 1Pe 1:3

B.) Showing That Salvation In Christ Is A Thing Prophesied Of Old 1Pe 1:10

1. Live Holy Lives 1Pe 1:13-21

A.) Living Before God Our Father [OR] Be Holy [OR] A Call To Holy Living [OR] He Commands His Readers To Set Their Hope On God's Mercy Through Christ's Revelation 1Pe 1:13

2. Love Each Other 1Pe 1:22-25

A.) The Enduring Word 1Pe 1:22

3. Live as God's Chosen People 1Pe 2:1-12

A.) As Newborn Babes [OR] The Living Stone And A Chosen People [OR] He Dissuades Them From Evil Intent 1Pe 2:1

B.) The Chosen Stone And His Chosen People [OR] The Living Stone And A Chosen People [OR] As Living Stones [OR] And Urges Them To Be Living Stones Of The Spiritual House Of Which Christ Is The Cornerstone 1Pe 2:4

I.) The believer's life in view of his sevenfold position, and of the vicarious suffering of Christ 1Pe 2:9

A.) Living Before The World [OR] Live As Servants Of God [OR] He Beseeches Them To Lead Exemplary, Upright Lives 1Pe 2:11

C. Submission and God's Honor [OR] Respect the Authority of Others 1Pe 2:13-3:7

A.) Submission To Government [OR] Submission To Rulers And Masters [OR] Honor Authority [OR] And To Be Obedient To Civil Authority 1Pe 2:13

B.) Submission To Masters [OR] The Example Of Christ's Suffering [OR] He Teaches Servants To Obey Their Masters 1Pe 2:18

C.) Even Suffering Patiently For Doing What Is Right, After The Example Of Christ 1Pe 2:20

D.) The Vicarious Suffering Of Christ [OR] Christ Is Our Example 1Pe 2:21

1.) Submission To Husbands [OR] Wives And Husbands [OR] Godly Living [OR] Peter Instructs Wives And Husbands Concerning Their Duty To Each Other 1Pe 3:1

2.) A Word To Husbands 1Pe 3:7

D. Suffering and Persecution 1Pe 3:8-5:11

1. Dedicate Your Lives to Christ 1Pe 3:8-4:11

1.) Called To Blessing [OR] Suffering For Doing Good [OR] Suffering For Doing Right [OR] He Exhorts All Men To Unity And Brotherly Love 1Pe 3:8

2.) Suffering For Right And Wrong 1Pe 3:13

3.) Revering Christ, Even In Persecution 1Pe 3:14

A.) The Vicarious Suffering Of Christ, Preached By Christ Through The Spirit In Noah [OR] Christ's Suffering And Ours 1Pe 3:18

1.) He Reveals Christ's Power For Salvation In Earlier Times As Well As At Present 1Pe 3:19

2.) Living For God [OR] Keep Fervent In Your Love [OR] Good Stewards Of God's Grace [OR] As Christ Suffered For Us In The Flesh, We Must Follow His Example 1Pe 4:1

3.) Serving For God's Glory 1Pe 4:7

2. Share Christ's Sufferings 1Pe 4:12-19

1.) Suffering For God's Glory [OR] Suffering For Being A Christian [OR] Share The Sufferings Of Christ [OR] Suffering As A Christian [OR] Peter Warns Them Of Trials To Come 1Pe 4:12

3. Instructions for Spiritual Leaders 1Pe 5:1-4

I.) Christian service in view of the coming again of the Chief Shepherd [OR] Shepherd the Flock [OR] To Elders and Young Men [OR] Serve God Willingly [OR] Tending the Flock of God [OR] He appeals to the elders to feed their flocks 1Pe 5:1

4. Instructions for Christians 1Pe 5:5-11

A.) Submit To God, Resist The Devil [OR] To The Younger Men To Obey The Elders 1Pe 5:5

B.) And To All To Be Sober, Watchful, And Firm In The Faith 1Pe 5:8

C.) They Must Resist Their Ruthless Adversary, The Devil 1Pe 5:9

E. Conclusion [OR] Farewell 1Pe 5:12-14

A.) Farewell And Peace [OR] Final Greetings [OR] Final Greetings And Benediction 1Pe 5:12