1 Kings


A1. David's Old Age 1Ki 1:1-4

A2. David's Successor 1Ki 1:1-11

a. Adonijah 1Ki 1:1-27

I.) From the rebellion of Adonijah to the death of David 1Ki 1:1

A.) David's Declining Strength [OR] Adonijah Presumes To Be King [OR] Adonijah Sets Himself Up As King [OR] David In Old Age [OR] The Struggle For The Succession [OR] Abishag Ministers To David 1Ki 1:1

1. Adonijah Plots to Become King 1Ki 1:5-10

A.) Adonijah Plots To Seize The Kingdom [OR] Adonijah, David's Favored Son, Usurps The Kingdom 1Ki 1:5

B.) The Counter-Plot Of Nathan And Bath-Sheba 1Ki 1:10

2. The Prophet Nathan Helps Solomon Become King 1Ki 1:11-40

1.) Nathan And Bathsheba [OR] By The Counsel Of Nathan 1Ki 1:11

2.) Bath-Sheba Asks A Favor Of The King 1Ki 1:15

3.) And Nathan Seconds Her 1Ki 1:22

A3. Solomon 1Ki 1:28-11:43

1.) David Proclaims Solomon King [OR] David Makes Solomon King [OR] The Accession Of Solomon [OR] David Renews His Oath To Bath-Sheba 1Ki 1:28

2.) Solomon Is Anointed King By David's Command 1Ki 1:32

3.) Solomon Anointed King 1Ki 1:38

A.) Solomon Anointed King 1Ki 1:39

3. Adonijah's Plot Fails 1Ki 1:41-53

A.) Adonijah's Submission [OR] When Jonathan Brings This News, Adonijah's Guests Flee 1Ki 1:41

1.) Adonijah's Life Is Spared By Solomon 1Ki 1:50

4. David's Advice to Solomon 1Ki 2:1-11

A.) David's Charge To Solomon [OR] David's Instructions To Solomon [OR] David's Instruction To Solomon [OR] David, Having Given A Charge To Solomon 1Ki 2:1

1.) As To Religious Life 1Ki 2:3

2.) As To Joab 1Ki 2:5

3.) As To Barzillai 1Ki 2:7

4.) As To Shimei [OR] Death Of David [OR] Dies 1Ki 2:8

B.) The Death Of David 1Ki 2:10

5. Solomon Establishes His Authority 1Ki 2:12-46

I.) From the accession of Solomon to the dedication of the temple 1Ki 2:12

A.) Solomon's Accession [OR] Solomon Succeeds David 1Ki 2:12

B.) Execution Of Adonijah [OR] Solomon Executes Adonijah [OR] Solomon's Throne Established [OR] Solomon Consolidates His Reign [OR] Adonijah Is Killed For Urging Bath-Sheba To Ask Solomon For Abishag 1Ki 2:13

1.) Adonijah Executed 1Ki 2:19

C.) Abiathar Removed From The Priesthood [OR] Abiathar Exiled, Joab Executed [OR] Abiathar, His Life Spared, Is Deprived Of The Priesthood 1Ki 2:26

D.) The Flight And Death Of Joab [OR] Joab Executed [OR] Joab, Fleeing To The Horns Of The Altar, Is Slain There [OR] Shimei Executed 1Ki 2:28

E.) Benaiah Made Chief Captain, And Zadok Priest 1Ki 2:35

F.) Execution Of Shimei 1Ki 2:36

6. Solomon's Marriage 1Ki 3:1-3

A.) Solomon Makes Alliance With Pharaoh, And Marries His Daughter [OR] Solomon Requests Wisdom [OR] Solomon Asks For Wisdom [OR] Solomon's Rule Consolidated [OR] Solomon's Prayer For Wisdom [OR] Solomon Marries Pharaoh's Daughter 1Ki 3:1

1.) High Places Being In Use, Solomon Sacrifices At Gibeon 1Ki 3:2

7. Solomon Requests Wisdom From God 1Ki 3:4-15

A.) Solomon Sacrifices At Gibeon 1Ki 3:4

B.) Solomon's Prayer For Wisdom [OR] Solomon Obtains Wisdom, Riches, And Honor 1Ki 3:5

1.) Solomon's Prayer 1Ki 3:6

2.) God's Answer 1Ki 3:10

8. Solomon's Wisdom in Action 1Ki 3:16-28

A.) The Wisdom Of Solomon [OR] Solomon's Wise Judgment [OR] A Wise Ruling [OR] Solomon Wisely Judges [OR] Solomon's Wisdom In Judgment [OR] Solomon's Judgment 1Ki 3:16

9. Solomon's Administration 1Ki 4:1-28

A.) The Princes Of Israel In Solomon's Reign [OR] Solomon's Administration [OR] Solomon's Officials And Governors [OR] Solomon's Officials [OR] Solomon's Administrative Officers [OR] Solomon's Princes And His Twelve Officers For Provision 1Ki 4:1

B.) The Twelve Commissaries 1Ki 4:7

1.) Prosperity And Wisdom Of Solomon's Reign [OR] Solomon's Daily Provision [OR] Solomon's Power, Wealth And Wisdom [OR] Magnificence Of Solomon's Rule [OR] The Peace Of His Kingdom 1Ki 4:20

2.) His Daily Provision 1Ki 4:22

3.) His Stables 1Ki 4:26

10. Solomon's Wisdom 1Ki 4:29-34

A.) The Wisdom Of Solomon [OR] Solomon's Wisdom [OR] Fame Of Solomon's Wisdom [OR] His Wisdom 1Ki 4:29

11. Preparations for Building the Temple 1Ki 5:1-18

A.) Solomon's Temple 1Ki 5:1

1.) Solomon Prepares To Build The Temple [OR] Preparations For Building The Temple [OR] Alliance With King Hiram [OR] Preparations And Materials For The Temple [OR] Hiram Is Notified Of Solomon's Purpose To Build The Temple And Is Asked To Furnish Timber For It 1Ki 5:1

(I.) Hiram, Blessing God For Solomon And Requesting Food For His Family, Furnishes Him With Trees 1Ki 5:7

2.) Preparations For Building The Temple: The Laborers And Their Work [OR] Conscription Of Laborers [OR] The Number Of Solomon's Workmen And Laborers [OR] Solomon Builds The Temple [OR] The Building Of The Temple [OR] The Building Of Solomon's Temple 1Ki 5:13

12. The Temple Built in Seven Years 1Ki 6:1-38

1.) Solomon Begins To Build The Temple 1Ki 6:1

2.) Dimensions And Materials Of The Temple 1Ki 6:2

(I.) Its Chambers 1Ki 6:5

(II.) God's Promise Concerning It 1Ki 6:11

(III.) The Ceiling And Adorning Of It 1Ki 6:15

(IV.) The Furnishings Of The Temple [OR] The Cherubims And The Doors Of Olive Tree 1Ki 6:23

(V.) The Time Of Its Building 1Ki 6:37

13. The Palace Built in 13 Years 1Ki 7:1-12

(I.) Solomon's Other Buildings [OR] Solomon Builds His Palace [OR] Solomon's Palace [OR] Solomon's Palace And Other Buildings [OR] The Building Of Solomon's House 1Ki 7:1

(II.) Of The House Of Lebanon 1Ki 7:2

(III.) Of The Porch Of Pillars And The Porch Of Judgment 1Ki 7:6

(IV.) Of The House For Pharaoh's Daughter 1Ki 7:8

14. The Temple Furnishings 1Ki 7:13-51

(I.) Hiram The Craftsman [OR] The Temple's Furnishings [OR] Hiram's Work In The Temple [OR] Products Of Hiram The Bronzeworker [OR] Solomon Sends For Hiram, To Do The Work In Brass 1Ki 7:13

(II.) The Bronze Pillars For The Temple [OR] His Work Of The Two Pillars 1Ki 7:15

(III.) The Sea And The Oxen [OR] Of The Molten Sea 1Ki 7:23

(IV.) The Carts And The Lavers [OR] Of The Ten Stands 1Ki 7:27

(V.) Of The Ten Lavers 1Ki 7:38

(VI.) Furnishings Of The Temple [OR] And All The Vessels 1Ki 7:40

15. The LORD Comes to His Temple 1Ki 8:1-11

1.) The Ark Brought In: The Shekinah-Glory Fills The House [OR] The Ark Brought Into The Temple [OR] The Ark Brought To The Temple [OR] Dedication Of The Temple [OR] The Feast Of The Dedication Of The Temple 1Ki 8:1

16. Solomon Addresses the People 1Ki 8:12-21

1.) The Sermon Of Solomon [OR] Solomon Addresses The People [OR] Solomon Blesses The Congregation Of Israel 1Ki 8:12

(I.) Solomon's Speech At Completion Of The Work [OR] Solomon's Speech [OR] Solomon's Prayer Of Dedication [OR] The Prayer Of Dedication [OR] Solomon's Prayer Of Thanksgiving For The Temple, Dedication It And The People To God 1Ki 8:14

17. Solomon's Prayer 1Ki 8:22-53

1.) Solomon's Prayer Of Dedication 1Ki 8:22

18. Solomon Blesses the People 1Ki 8:54-61

1.) Solomon's Blessing After The Prayer [OR] Solomon Blesses The Assembly [OR] Solomon's Benediction [OR] Solomon's Blessing 1Ki 8:54

19. Solomon Offers Sacrifices 1Ki 8:62-66

1.) Sacrifice And Rejoicing [OR] Solomon Dedicates The Temple [OR] The Dedication Of The Temple [OR] Dedicatory Sacrifices [OR] Solomon Offers Sacrifices [OR] His Sacrifice Of Peace Offerings 1Ki 8:62

20. The Lord Answers Solomon's Prayer 1Ki 9:1-9

I.) From the confirmation of the Davidic Covenant to the death of Solomon 1Ki 9:1

A.) Jehovah Appears The Second Time To Solomon [OR] God's Second Appearance To Solomon [OR] The Lord Appears To Solomon [OR] God's Promise And Warning [OR] God Appears Again To Solomon [OR] God's Covenant, In A Vision, With Solomon 1Ki 9:1

21. Solomon Completes His Construction 1Ki 9:10-28

A.) The Energy And Fame Of Solomon [OR] Solomon And Hiram Exchange Gifts [OR] Solomon's Other Activities [OR] Cities Given To Hiram [OR] The Mutual Presents Of Solomon And Hiram 1Ki 9:10

1.) Solomon's Additional Achievements [OR] Other Acts Of Solomon [OR] In All Solomon's Works The Gentiles Were His Bondmen, The Israelites Honorable Servants 1Ki 9:15

2.) Pharaoh's Daughter Removes To Her House 1Ki 9:24

3.) Solomon's Yearly Solemn Sacrifices 1Ki 9:25

4.) Solomon's Commercial Activity [OR] His Navy Brings Gold From Ophir 1Ki 9:26

22. The Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon 1Ki 10:1-13

A.) Solomon And The Queen Of Sheba [OR] The Queen Of Sheba's Praise Of Solomon [OR] The Queen Of Sheba Visits Solomon [OR] The Queen Of Sheba [OR] Visit Of The Queen Of Sheba [OR] The Queen Of Sheba Admires The Wisdom Of Solomon 1Ki 10:1

23. Solomon's Wealth 1Ki 10:14-29

A.) Solomon's Revenue And Splendor [OR] Solomon's Great Wealth [OR] Solomon's Splendor [OR] Wealth, Splendor And Wisdom [OR] Solomon's Gold 1Ki 10:14

1.) His Shields 1Ki 10:16

2.) The Throne Of Ivory 1Ki 10:18

3.) His Vessels 1Ki 10:21

4.) His Presents 1Ki 10:24

5.) His Chariots And Horsemen 1Ki 10:26

6.) His Tribute 1Ki 10:28

24. Solomon's Idolatry 1Ki 11:1-8

A.) Solomon's Heart Turned Away From Jehovah [OR] Solomon's Heart Turns From The Lord [OR] Solomon's Wives [OR] Solomon Turns From God [OR] Solomon's Errors [OR] Solomon's Wives And Concubines Who, In His Old Age, Draw Him To Idolaltry 1Ki 11:1

25. God Pronounces Judgment on Solomon 1Ki 11:9-13

A.) The Anger And Chastening Of Jehovah 1Ki 11:9

26. Rebellions Against Solomon 1Ki 11:14-40

1.) Adversaries Of Solomon [OR] Solomon's Adversaries [OR] God Raises Adversaries [OR] Adversaries Of Solomon [OR] Solomon's Adversaries Are Hadad, Who Was Entertained By Pharaoh In Egypt 1Ki 11:14

2.) Rezon, Who Reigned In Damascus 1Ki 11:23

A.) The Rise Of Jeroboam [OR] Jeroboam's Rebellion [OR] Jeroboam Rebels Against Solomon [OR] And Jeroboam, To Whom Ahijah Prophesied 1Ki 11:26

27. Solomon's Death 1Ki 11:41-43

A.) The Death Of Solomon [OR] Death Of Solomon [OR] Solomon's Death [OR] Solomon's Acts, Reign, And Death: Rehoboam Succeeds Him 1Ki 11:41

B1. A Kingdom Divided 1Ki 12:1-2

B2. Rehoboam 1Ki 12:1-14:31

1a. King Rehoboam Foolishly Rejects Israel's Request 1Ki 12:1-19

I.) From the division of the kingdom to the death of Jeroboam and Rehoboam 1Ki 12:1

A.) Accession And Folly Of Rehoboam [OR] The Revolt Against Rehoboam [OR] Israel Rebels Against Rehoboam [OR] King Rehoboam Acts Foolishly [OR] The Northern Tribes Secede [OR] The Israelites, Assembled At Shechem To Crown Rehoboam, Ask Him To Relax Their Burden 1Ki 12:1

1.) On The Advice Of Young Men, Rehoboam Refuses To Do So 1Ki 12:6

B.) Division Of The Kingdom: Accession Of Jeroboam Over Israel [OR] The Kingdom Divided, Jeroboam Rules Israel [OR] Ten Tribes, Revolting, Kill Adoram And Make Rehoboam Flee 1Ki 12:16

1b. King Jeroboam Establishes Idolatry in Israel 1Ki 12:20-33

1.) First Dynasty: Jeroboam Reigns Over Israel [OR] Jeroboam Is Made King Of The Ten Tribes 1Ki 12:20

2.) Rehoboam Raises An Army, But Is Forbidden To Fight His Kinsmen 1Ki 12:21

3.) Jeroboam Destroys The Religious Unity Of The Nation [OR] Jeroboam's Gold Calves [OR] Golden Calves At Bethel And Dan [OR] Jeroboam's Idolatry [OR] Jeroboam's Golden Calves [OR] Jeroboam Strengthens Himself By Cities, And Sets Up Idol Worship At Beth-El And Dan 1Ki 12:25

2. A Prophet Announces God's Judgment 1Ki 13:1-10

1.) Prophecy Against Jeroboam's False Altar [OR] The Message Of The Man Of God [OR] The Man Of God From Judah [OR] Jeroboam Warned, Stricken [OR] A Man Of God From Judah [OR] Jeroboam's Hand, Which Offered Violence To Him Who Prophesied Against His Altar At Beth-El, Withers 1Ki 13:1

2.) The Sign From God Upon Jeroboam 1Ki 13:4

(I.) And At The Prayer Of The Prophet Is Restored 1Ki 13:6

(II.) The Prophet, Refusing The King's Hospitality, Departs From Beth-el 1Ki 13:7

3. A Prophet Disobeys God 1Ki 13:11-34

1.) Disobedience And Death Of The Man Of God [OR] Death Of The Man Of God [OR] The Disobedient Prophet [OR] An Old Prophet, Enticing Him, Brings Him Back 1Ki 13:11

(I.) His Is Reproved By God 1Ki 13:20

(II.) Slain By A Lion 1Ki 13:23

(III.) Buried By The Old Prophet 1Ki 13:26

(IV.) Who Confirms His Prophecy 1Ki 13:31

2.) Jeroboam Persists In Evil [OR] Jeroboam's Obstinacy 1Ki 13:33

4. Jeroboam's Son Dies 1Ki 14:1-20

1.) Prophecy Against Jeroboam: Partial Fulfillment [OR] Judgment On The House Of Jeroboam [OR] Ahijah's Prophecy Against Jeroboam [OR] Ahijah Prophesies Against The King [OR] Jeroboam Sends His Wife, Disguised, To The Prophet Ahijah 1Ki 14:1

(I.) Ahijah, Forewarned By God, Announces His Judgment On The House Of Jeroboam 1Ki 14:5

(II.) Jeroboam's Son Dies And Is Buried [OR] Death Of Jeroboam [OR] Nadab Succeeds Jeroboam 1Ki 14:17

2.) Death Of Jeroboam 1Ki 14:19

5. King Rehoboam of Judah 1Ki 14:21-24

A.) Judah's Apostasy Under Rehoboam [OR] Rehoboam Reigns In Judah [OR] Rehoboam King Of Judah [OR] Rehoboam Misleads Judah [OR] Rehoboam Reigns Over Judah [OR] Rehoboam's Wicked Reign 1Ki 14:21

6. King Shishak Takes the Temple Treasures 1Ki 14:25-31

1.) Invasion Of Shishak [OR] Shishak, The King Of Egypt, Spoils Jerusalem 1Ki 14:25

2.) Death Of Rehoboam 1Ki 14:31

7. King Abijam of Judah 1Ki 15:1-8

I.) The kingdoms to the accession of Ahab 1Ki 15:1

A.) Accession Of Abijam [OR] Abijam Reigns In Judah [OR] Abijah King Of Judah [OR] Abijam Reigns Over Judah [OR] Abijam Reigns Over Judah: Idolatry And War [OR] Abijam's Wicked Reign 1Ki 15:1

1.) Asa's Good Reign 1Ki 15:7

B.) Death Of Abijam [OR] Asa Succeeds Abijam 1Ki 15:8

8. King Asa of Judah 1Ki 15:9-15

A.) Accession Of Asa [OR] Asa Reigns In Judah [OR] Asa King Of Judah [OR] Asa Reigns Over Judah 1Ki 15:9

9. King Asa's War With King Baasha 1Ki 15:16-24

1.) The War With Baasha: Asa's League With Syria [OR] Alliance With Aram Against Israel [OR] The War Between Baasha And Asa Causes Him To Make A League With Ben-Hadad [OR] Jehoshaphat Succeeds Asa 1Ki 15:16

2.) Illness And Death Of Asa. Accession Of Jehoshaphat 1Ki 15:23

10. King Baasha Overthrows Nadab, Son of Jeroboam 1Ki 15:25-34

a. Nadab 1Ki 15:25-32

(Ki Israel)

A.) Accession Of Nadab Over Israel [OR] Nadab Reigns In Israel [OR] Nadab King Of Israel [OR] Nadab, Then Baasha, Rules Over Israel [OR] Nadab Reigns Over Israel [OR] Nadab's Wicked Reign 1Ki 15:25

B.) Rebellion And Accession Of Baasha Over Israel [OR] Baasha Conspires Against Him, Fulfilling Ahijah's Prophecy 1Ki 15:27

1.) Nadab's Acts And Death 1Ki 15:31

2.) War Between Asa, King Of Judah, And Baasha, King Of Israel [OR] War With Judah 1Ki 15:32

b. Baasha 1Ki 15:33-16:7

(Ki Israel)

(I.) Baasha Reigns In Israel [OR] Baasha King Of Israel [OR] Second Dynasty: Baasha Reigns Over Israel [OR] Baasha's Wicked Reign 1Ki 15:33

11. The LORD Condemns King Baasha 1Ki 16:1-7

1.) Prophecy Against Baasha: His Death [OR] Prophecy Against Baasha [OR] Jehu's Prophecy Against Baasha 1Ki 16:1

(I.) Elah Succeeds Him 1Ki 16:5

(II.) The Israelite Kings 1Ki 16:6

12. Zimri Overthrows King Elah, Son of Baasha 1Ki 16:8-14

a. Elah 1Ki 16:8-14

(Ki Israel)

A.) Accession Of Elah Over Israel [OR] Elah Reigns In Israel [OR] Elah King Of Israel [OR] Elah Reigns Over Israel [OR] Zimri, Conspiring Against Elah, Succeeds Him 1Ki 16:8

B.) The Reign Of Zimri Over Israel [OR] Zimri Fulfills Jehu's Prophecy 1Ki 16:11

13. King Zimri Rules for Seven Days 1Ki 16:15-20

a. Zimri 1Ki 16:15-20

(Ki Israel)

1.) Zimri Reigns In Israel [OR] Zimri King Of Israel [OR] Third Dynasty: Zimri Reigns Over Israel [OR] Omri Forces Zimri To Burn Himself 1Ki 16:15

14. Omri Defeats Tibni 1Ki 16:21-24

a. Omri 1Ki 16:21-28

(Ki Israel)

A.) Tibni And Omri Rival Kings Of Israel: Death Of Tibni [OR] Omri Reigns In Israel [OR] Omri King Of Israel [OR] Fourth Dynasty: Omri Reigns Over Israel [OR] Omri Prevails Against Tibni 1Ki 16:21

B.) Reign Of Omri Over Israel: He Makes Samaria The Capital 1Ki 16:23

1.) Samaria The New Capital 1Ki 16:24

15. King Omri of Israel 1Ki 16:25-28

1.) His Wicked Reign 1Ki 16:25

2.) Ahab Succeeds Him 1Ki 16:27

I.) Accession of Ahab to his death 1Ki 16:28

A.) Accession Of Ahab Over Israel 1Ki 16:28

C. Ahab 1Ki 16:29-22:40

(Ki Israel)

1a. King Ahab Introduces Worship of Baal Into Israel 1Ki 16:29-34

1.) Ahab Reigns In Israel [OR] Ahab Becomes King Of Israel [OR] Ahab Reigns Over Israel [OR] Ahab's Most Wicked Reign 1Ki 16:29

A.) Ahab Marries Jezebel [OR] Ahab Marries Jezebel And Worships Baal 1Ki 16:31

1.) Joshua's Curse Upon Hiel 1Ki 16:34

1b. Elijah Prophesies a Drought 1Ki 17:1-7

A.) Ministry Of Elijah 1Ki 17:1

1.) Elijah's Prediction Of Three Years' Drought [OR] Elijah Proclaims A Drought [OR] Elijah Fed By Ravens [OR] Elijah Predicts Drought [OR] Elijah Predicts A Drought [OR] Elijah, Having Prophesied Against Ahab, Is Sent To Cherith, Where The Ravens Feed Him 1Ki 17:1

2.) Elijah Fed At Cherith 1Ki 17:2

(I.) The Widow At Zarephath 1Ki 17:7

2. Elijah and the Widow at Zarephath 1Ki 17:8-24

1.) Elijah Fed At Zarephath [OR] Elijah And The Widow [OR] The Widow Of Zarephath [OR] His Is Sent To The Widow Of Zarephath 1Ki 17:8

2.) Elijah Raises The Widow's Son [OR] Elijah Revives The Widow's Son [OR] Elijah Raises Widow's Son [OR] He Raises The Widow's Son 1Ki 17:17

(I.) The Woman Believes Him 1Ki 17:24

3. Elijah Comes to King Ahab [18:1-16a] 1Ki 18:1-16

1.) Elijah Goes To Meet Ahab [OR] Elijah's Message To Ahab [OR] Elijah And Obadiah [OR] Obadiah Meets Elijah [OR] In The Extremity Of Famine, Elijah, Sent To Ahab, Meets Obadiah 1Ki 18:1

2.) A Believer Out Of Touch With God 1Ki 18:3

(I.) Obadiah Brings Ahab To Elijah 1Ki 18:9

(II.) Elijah On Mount Carmel 1Ki 18:16

4. Elijah and the Prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel [18:16b-40] 1Ki 18:17-40

1.) Elijah Meets Ahab: The Prophet's Challenge [OR] Elijah, Reproving Ahab, Brings Fire From Heaven And Convinces Baal's Prophets 1Ki 18:17

(I.) Elijah's Mount Carmel Victory [OR] God Or Baal On Mount Carmel [OR] Elijah's Triumph Over The Priests Of Baal 1Ki 18:20

2.) Jehovah Versus Baal 1Ki 18:25

(I.) Elijah's Prayer [OR] The Drought Ends [OR] Elijah Prays For Rain 1Ki 18:36

5. The Drought Ends 1Ki 18:41-46

1.) Elijah On Carmel 1Ki 18:42

6. Elijah Flees From Jezebel 1Ki 19:1-18

1.) Jehovah's Tender Care Of His Overwrought Prophet [OR] Elijah Escapes From Jezebel [OR] Elijah Flees To Horeb [OR] Elijah Flees From Jezebel [OR] Elijah, Threatened By Jezebel, Flees To Beer-Sheba 1Ki 19:1

(I.) He Is Comforted By An Angel In The Wilderness 1Ki 19:4

2.) Elijah On Horeb 1Ki 19:8

(I.) The Lord Appears To Elijah [OR] Elijah At Horeb [OR] At Horeb God Appears Unto Him, Sending Him To Anoint Hazael, Jehu, And Elisha 1Ki 19:9

(II.) God's Revelation To Elijah [OR] Elijah Meets God At Horeb 1Ki 19:11

7. The Call of Elisha 1Ki 19:19-21

1.) The Call Of Elisha [OR] Elisha Follows Elijah [OR] Elisha Becomes Elijah's Disciple [OR] Elisha Takes Leave Of His Friends, And Follows Elijah 1Ki 19:19

8. King Ahab Defeats King Benhadad 1Ki 20:1-21

A.) Ahab's First Syrian Campaign [OR] Ahab Defeats The Syrians [OR] Ben-Hadad Attacks Samaria [OR] War With Aram [OR] Ahab's Wars With The Arameans [OR] Ben-Hadad, Not Content With Ahab's Homage, Besieges Samaria 1Ki 20:1

1.) God's Promise Of Victory [OR] Ahab Defeats Ben-Hadad [OR] Ahab Victorious [OR] Prophetic Opposition To Ahab [OR] By The Direction Of A Prophet, The Syrians Are Slain 1Ki 20:13

2.) Ahab's Victory Over The Syrians 1Ki 20:15

9. Ahab Spares Benhadad 1Ki 20:22-43

A.) The Prophet Warns Ahab [OR] As Ahab Was Forewarned, The Syrians Come Against Him In Aphek 1Ki 20:22

B.) Ahab's Second Syrian Campaign [OR] The Syrians Again Defeated [OR] The Arameans Are Defeated 1Ki 20:23

1.) Another Aramean War 1Ki 20:26

2.) The Syrians Are Defeated Again 1Ki 20:28

3.) Ahab's Treaty With Ben-Hadad [OR] Ahab Sends Ben-Hadad Away With A Covenant 1Ki 20:31

4.) Ahab's Sin In Sparing Ben-Hadad [OR] Ahab Condemned [OR] A Prophet Condemns Ahab [OR] The Prophet Announces God's Judgment Of Ahab 1Ki 20:35

10. Ahab Takes Naboth's Vineyard 1Ki 21:1-29

A.) Ahab Covets Naboth's Vineyard [OR] Naboth Is Murdered For His Vineyard [OR] Naboth's Vineyard [OR] Ahab Is Denied The Vineyard Of Naboth 1Ki 21:1

1.) Jezebel Writes Letters Resulting In Naboth's Death 1Ki 21:5

2.) Jezebel's Plot 1Ki 21:11

3.) Ahab Takes Possession Of The Vineyard 1Ki 21:15

4.) Elijah Announces Ahab's Doom [OR] The Lord Condemns Ahab [OR] Elijah Pronounces God's Sentence 1Ki 21:17

(I.) Ahab Repents And God Defers Judgment 1Ki 21:25

5.) Ahab's Repentance Gains Him A Respite 1Ki 21:27

11. Micaiah Prophesies Against King Ahab 1Ki 22:1-40

A.) The Three Years' Peace Between Syria And Israel [OR] Micalah Warns Ahab [OR] Micaiah Prophesies Against Ahab [OR] Ahab's Third Campaign Against Aram [OR] Joint Campaign With Judah Against Aram [OR] Ahab, Seduced By False Prophets, According To The Word Of Micaiah Is Slain At Ramoth-Gilead 1Ki 22:1

B.) Ahab, Aided By Jehoshaphat, Makes His Third Syrian Campaign 1Ki 22:2

1.) The Lying Prophets Of Ahab 1Ki 22:6

2.) Micaiah's True Prophecy [OR] Micaiah Predicts Defeat [OR] Micaiah Predicts Failure 1Ki 22:13

3.) Battle Of Ramoth-Gilead: Defeat And Death Of Ahab [OR] Ahab Dies In Battle [OR] Ahab Killed At Ramoth Gilead [OR] Defeat And Death Of Ahab 1Ki 22:29

(I.) The Dogs Lick Up His Blood 1Ki 22:37

(II.) Ahaziah Succeeds Him 1Ki 22:39

C.) Accession Of Ahaziah Over Israel 1Ki 22:40

12. King Jehoshaphat of Judah 1Ki 22:41-50

I.) From the reign of Jehoshaphat to the accession of Jehoram over Judah, and Ahaziah over Samaria 1Ki 22:41

A.) Accession Of Jehoshaphat Over Judah [OR] Jehoshaphat Reigns In Judah [OR] Jehoshaphat King Of Judah [OR] The New Rulers [OR] Jehoshaphat Reigns Over Judah [OR] Jehoshaphat's Good Reign 1Ki 22:41

1.) His Acts 1Ki 22:45

B.) Death Of Jehoshaphat: Accession Of Jehoram Over Judah [OR] Jehoram Succeeds Him 1Ki 22:50

13. King Ahaziah of Israel 1Ki 22:51-53

A.) Character Of Ahaziah [OR] Ahaziah Reigns In Israel [OR] Ahaziah King Of Israel [OR] Ahaziah Reigns Over Israel [OR] Ahaziah's Evil Reign 1Ki 22:51