1 Corinthians


A. Greetings 1Co 1:1-3

I.) The believer's position in grace [OR] Greeting [OR] Appeal to Unity [OR] Salutation [OR] After his salutation and thanksgiving 1Co 1:1

B. Thanksgiving [OR]  Paul's Prayer for the Corinthians1Co 1:4-9

A.) Spiritual Gifts At Corinth [OR] Thanksgiving 1Co 1:4

C. Divisions 1Co 1:10-17

I.) The contrast of the unspiritual state of the Corinthian saints with their exalted standing in Christ [OR] Sectarianism is Sin [OR] Divisions in the Church [OR] Paul exhorts the Corinthians to unity 1Co 1:10

A.) They Were Following Human Leaders, Thus Dividing The Body Of Christ 1Co 1:11

1.) And Reproves Their Dissension's 1Co 1:12

D. The Wisdom of God [OR] God's Wisdom Is Better Than the World's Wisdom1Co 1:18-2:26

A.) They Were Exulting In Human Wisdom, Which Is Foolishness In The Things Of God [OR] Christ The Power And Wisdom Of God [OR] Christ The Wisdom And The Power Of God [OR] The Wisdom Of God [OR] God Has Made The World's Wisdom Foolish 1Co 1:18

1.) The Foolishness Of God Is Superior To Men's Wisdom And His Weakness Is Beyond Their Strength 1Co 1:25

B.) Anyway, The Corinthian Believers Were Not Of The Wise [OR] Glory Only In The Lord [OR] God Has Called But Few Who Are Wise, Powerful, Or Of Noble Birth 1Co 1:26

C.) They Are Reminded That The Christian Revelation Owes Nothing To Human Wisdom 1Co 2:1

1.) Paul Did Not Use It [OR] Christ Crucified [OR] Paul's Reliance Upon The Spirit [OR] Proclaiming Christ Crucified [OR] Paul's Preaching Is Of Christ Crucified 1Co 2:1

(I.) Expressed Not In Philosophical Language, But With Spiritual Power 1Co 2:3

(II.) Spiritual Wisdom [OR] Wisdom From The Spirit [OR] The True Wisdom Of God [OR] Only To Those Of Mature Faith Can He Impart God's Wisdom 1Co 2:6

2.) Spiritual Verities Are Not Discoverable By Human Wisdom [OR] Things Revealed Through The Spirit 1Co 2:9

3.) But God Has Revealed Them To Prepared Men 1Co 2:10

4.) The Revealed Things Are Taught In Words Given By The Spirit 1Co 2:13

5.) The Revealed Things Are Spiritually Discerned [OR] Which The Unspiritual Man Cannot Understand 1Co 2:14

E. You Belong to Christ [OR] Servants of Christ 1Co 3:1-4:21

A.) A Carnal State Prevents Spiritual Growth [OR] Sectarianism Is Carnal [OR] On Divisions In The Church [OR] Foundations For Living [OR] On Divisions In The Corinthian Church [OR] The Corinthians Are Not Ready For The Solid Food Of Paul's Teaching 1Co 3:1

1.) As Is Shown By Their Jealousy And Strife 1Co 3:3

B.) God Only Is Anything In Christian Service [OR] Watering, Working, Warning [OR] Paul And Apollos, Fellow Workmen For God, Are Nothing Without His Increase 1Co 3:5

C.) Christian Service And Its Reward 1Co 3:9

1.) Christ Is The Only True Foundation 1Co 3:10

2.) The Only Foundation 1Co 3:11

3.) Two Kinds Of Ministry And Their Result 1Co 3:12

(I.) Every Man Is The Temple Of God And The Dwelling Place Of His Spirit 1Co 3:16

(II.) And Must Keep Himself Undefiled 1Co 3:17

(III.) Avoid Wordly Wisdom [OR] The Worldly Wise Man Must Become A Fool To Become Really Wise 1Co 3:18

1. The Work of the Apostles 1Co 4:1-21

1.) Judgment Of Christ's Servants Is Not Committed To Men [OR] Stewards Of The Mysteries Of God [OR] Apostles Of Christ [OR] Servants Of Christ [OR] The Ministry Of The Apostles [OR] All Ministers Are Servants Of Christ 1Co 4:1

(I.) Fools For Christ's Sake [OR] And Must Be Honored Equally 1Co 4:6

(II.) The Corinthians Think Themselves Already Saved, While Christ's Ministers Suffer Persecution 1Co 4:8

A.) The Apostolic Example Of Humility And Patience 1Co 4:9

1.) Without Retaliating 1Co 4:12

2.) Paul's Paternal Care [OR] Fatherly Admonition [OR] Paul Chides The Corinthians As A Loving But Stern Father, And Warns Them To Be Ready For His Inspection 1Co 4:14

B.) But There Is Such A Thing As Apostolic Authority 1Co 4:18

F. Problems in the Church 1Co 5:1-6:20

1. How to Treat Christians Who Live Like Non-Christians 1Co 5:1-13

I.) Immorality rebuked, discipline enjoined [OR] Immorality Defiles the Church [OR] Expel the Immoral Brother! [OR] Immorality Rebuked [OR] Sexual Immorality Defiles the Church [OR] The incestuous person among them 1Co 5:1

A.) Indifference To Evil In The Church The Result Of Divisions 1Co 5:2

1.) Should Cause The Corinthians Shame 1Co 5:6

2.) The Christian Church Must Be Purged Of The Contamination Of Sinners, And Separated From Pagan Influences 1Co 5:7

3.) Immorality Must Be Judged [OR] Sexual Immorality Must Be Judged 1Co 5:9

2. Settling Disagreements Between Christians 1Co 6:1-11

A.) Saints Forbidden To Go To Law With Each Other [OR] Do Not Sue The Brethren [OR] Lawsuits Among Believers [OR] Lawsuits Discouraged [OR] Christians Must Not Go To Law Against Each Other 1Co 6:1

1.) In Pagan Courts 1Co 6:6

I.) The sanctity of the body, and marriage 1Co 6:9

A.) The Body Is Holy 1Co 6:9

1.) Because Washed And Justified [OR] The Unrighteous Shall Not Inherit The Kingdom Of God 1Co 6:9

3. Stay Away From Sexual Sins 1Co 6:12-20

(I.) Glorify God In Body And Spirit [OR] Sexually Immorality [OR] The Body Is The Lord's [OR] Glorify God In Body And Spirit 1Co 6:12

1.) Because The Body Is The Lord's 1Co 6:13

(I.) Our Bodies Are The Members Of Christ 1Co 6:15

(II.) And They Must Not Be Defiled 1Co 6:16

2.) Because The Body Is A Temple [OR] For They Are Temples Of The Holy Spirit 1Co 6:19

4. Advice About Marriage 1Co 7:1-40

G. Questions From the Church 1Co 7:1-14:40

1.) Because God Has Established Marriage [OR] Principles Of Marriage [OR] Marriage [OR] Advice On Marriage [OR] Directions Concerning Marriage [OR] Paul Discusses Marriage 1Co 7:1

A.) The Regulation Of Marriage Among Gentile Believers [OR] Keep Your Marriage Vows [OR] Marriage Vows Are To Be Taken Seriously 1Co 7:10

1.) Live As You Are Called [OR] The Life That The Lord Has Assigned 1Co 7:17

2.) Every Man Must Be Content With His Vocation 1Co 7:20

3.) To The Unmarried And Widows [OR] The Unmarried And The Widows [OR] Reasons For Marrying Or Remaining Single 1Co 7:25

1. Advice About Food Offered to False Gods 1Co 8:1-13

I.) Meats and the limitations of Christian liberty [OR] Be Sensitive to Conscience [OR] Food Sacrificed to Idols [OR] Take Care with Your Liberty [OR] Food Offered to Idols [OR] The mature Christian knows that idols have no power 1Co 8:1

A.) But, Because His Example May Mislead A New Convert Long Accustomed To Idols 1Co 8:7

B.) He Must Abstain From Eating Meat Which Has Been Offered To Them, For His Weaker Brother's Sake 1Co 8:13

2. Paul's Right to Be Paid for His Work as an Apostle 1Co 9:1-18

A.) Paul Vindicates His Apostleship [OR] A Pattern Of Self-Denial [OR] The Rights Of An Apostle [OR] Paul's Use Of Liberty [OR] Paul Asserts His Rights 1Co 9:1

B.) They Who Preach The Gospel Are To Live Of The Gospel [OR] Including A Living From His Preaching 1Co 9:7

1.) Yet He Has Never Availed Himself Of His Rights 1Co 9:15

3. Paul's Work as an Apostle 1Co 9:19-27

A.) The Method And Reward Of True Ministry [OR] Serving All Men [OR] Making Himself, Rather, The Servant Of All 1Co 9:19

1.) For The Sake Of The Gospel 1Co 9:22

2.) Striving For A Crown [OR] Our Life Is Like A Contest For A Prize 1Co 9:24

4. Learn From What Happened in the Time of Moses 1Co 10:1-13

A.) Israel In The Wilderness A Warning Example [OR] Old Testament Examples [OR] Warnings From Israel's History [OR] Avoid Israel's Mistakes [OR] All Israelites Partook Of Divine Favor In The Wilderness 1Co 10:1

1.) Yet Most Of Them Were Destroyed 1Co 10:5

2.) Paul Warns The Corinthians Of A Period Of Testing Like That Of The Israelites' Wandering 1Co 10:6

5. Stay Away From Worshiping False Gods 1Co 10:14-11:1

1.) Flee From Idolatry [OR] Idol Feasts And The Lord's Supper [OR] And That They Must Not Participate In Pagan Feasts 1Co 10:14

A.) Fellowship At The Lord's Table Demands Separation 1Co 10:16

1.) For In That They Would Become Partners Of Demons 1Co 10:20

B.) The Law Of Love In Relation To Eating And Drinking [OR] All To The Glory Of God [OR] The Believer's Freedom [OR] Do All To The Glory Of God 1Co 10:23

1.) We Will Not Be Criticized For Eating That For Which We Have Given Thanks 1Co 10:25

2.) Christian Order [OR] He Reproves Them, Because In Holy Assemblies 1Co 11:1

6. Advice About Worship 1Co 11:2-34

I.) Christian order and the Lord's supper [OR] Head Coverings [OR] Propriety in Worship [OR] Head Coverings 1Co 11:2

A.) Men Pray With Their Heads Covered 1Co 11:4

B.) And Women With Their Heads Uncovered 1Co 11:6

C.) Disorders At The Lord's Table Rebuked [OR] Conduct At The Lord's Supper [OR] The Lord's Supper [OR] Abuses At The Lord's Supper [OR] The Corinthians Are Reproved Because Of Factional Grouping While Eating The Lord's Supper 1Co 11:17

1.) And For Greedy Practices Which Resulted In The Shame And Embarrassment Of The Poor 1Co 11:21

D.) The Order And Meaning Of The Lord's Table [OR] Institution Of The Lord's Supper [OR] The Lord's Supper [OR] The Institution Of The Lord's Supper [OR] Paul Recalls To Them How The Supper Was Instituted 1Co 11:23

1.) Examine Yourself [OR] Partaking Of The Supper Unworthily 1Co 11:27

7. Spiritual Gifts 1Co 12:1-31

I.) Spiritual gifts in the body of Christ for ministry and worship [OR] Spiritual Gifts: Unity in Diversity [OR] Spiritual Gifts [OR] The Use of Spiritual Gifts [OR] Spiritual Gifts [OR] Paul gives the Corinthians a rule wherewith they can recognize the Spirit of God 1Co 12:1

A.) True Ministry Is The Exercise Of Spiritual Gift [OR] Various Gifts Of The Spirit 1Co 12:4

1.) Are Given To Each For The Common Good 1Co 12:7

2.) Nine Gifts Are Enumerated 1Co 12:8

B.) Every Believer Is A Member Of Christ's Body And As Such Has A Definite Ministry [OR] Unity And Diversity In One Body [OR] One Body, Many Parts [OR] One Body With Many Members [OR] Paul's Parable Of The Body And Its Various Members 1Co 12:12

1.) Each Of Which Has Its Special Function In Relation To All Other Members 1Co 12:16

2.) Arranged By God According To His Design, Together To Form A Complete Whole 1Co 12:22

3.) So The Church, Which Is The Body Of Christ, Is Made Up Of Many, Having Different Gifts 1Co 12:27

4.) Love 1Co 12:31

8. Love 1Co 13:1-13

A.) The Ministry Gifts Must Be Governed By Love [OR] The Greatest Gift [OR] The Excellence Of Love [OR] The Gift Of Love [OR] All Gifts, However Excellent 1Co 13:1

1.) Are Worth Nothing Without Love 1Co 13:2

2.) The Many Praises Given To Love 1Co 13:4

3.) And Its Rank Before Hope And Faith 1Co 13:13

9. Speak in Ways That Can Be Understood 1Co 14:1-25

A.) Prophecy Is The Greatest Of The Gifts [OR] Prophecy And Tongues [OR] Gifts Of Prophecy And Tongues [OR] Prophecy A Superior Gift [OR] Prophecy Is Commended 1Co 14:1

1.) And Preferred To Speaking With Tongues 1Co 14:2

2.) Tongues Must Be Interpreted [OR] Which, If Lift Uninterpreted, Can Lead Only To Confusion 1Co 14:6

3.) Understanding Is Necessary To Edification 1Co 14:13

4.) Tongues A Sign To Unbelievers [OR] Instruction For The Church 1Co 14:20

5.) The Use Of The Gifts Of Tongues And Of Prophecy 1Co 14:22

B.) The Order Of The Ministry Of Gift In The Local Church 1Co 14:23

10. Maintain Order in Your Worship Services 1Co 14:26-40

1.) Order In Church Meetings [OR] Orderly Worship [OR] Let All Things Be Done For Edification 1Co 14:26

2.) And In Proper Order 1Co 14:27

3.) Women Are Forbidden To Speak In Church 1Co 14:34

H. The Resurrection of Christ and the Christian 1Co 15:1-58

A.) The Fact Of Christ's Resurrection [OR] The Risen Christ, Faith's Reality [OR] The Resurrection Of Christ [OR] The Gospel Of Christ's Resurrection 1Co 15:1

1. We Will Come Back to Life 1Co 15:12-34

A.) The Importance Of Christ's Resurrection [OR] The Risen Christ, Our Hope [OR] The Resurrection Of The Dead [OR] Is In Vain If There Is No Resurrection Of The Dead 1Co 15:12

B.) The Order Of The Resurrections [OR] The Last Enemy Destroyed [OR] The Order Of Resurrection [OR] But Christ Has Been Raised From The Dead 1Co 15:20

1.) Effects Of Denying The Resurrection 1Co 15:29

2. We Will Have Bodies That Will Not Decay 1Co 15:35-58

A.) The Method Of Resurrection [OR] A Glorious Body [OR] The Resurrection Body [OR] And The Dead Shall Be Raised In A Spiritual Body 1Co 15:35

1.) Our Final Victory [OR] The Mystery Of Resurrection 1Co 15:50

B.) All Believers Will Not Die [OR] The Christian's Victory Over Death, Through Christ 1Co 15:51

C.) The Final Victory Over Death 1Co 15:54

D.) The Ultimate Victory A Motive To Service 1Co 15:58

I. Final Concluding Matters 1Co 16:1-24

I.) The Collection for the People in Jerusalem 1Co 16:1-4

II.) Closing instructions and greetings [OR] Collection for the Saints [OR] The Collection for God's People [OR] Instructions and Greetings [OR] The Collection for the Saints [OR] The apostle commands the Corinthians to provide for the needs of the brethren at Jerusalem 1Co 16:1

1. Paul's Plans 1Co 16:5-9

A.) Personal Plans [OR] Personal Requests [OR] Plans For Travel 1Co 16:5

2. News About Timothy, Apollos, and Others 1Co 16:10-18

A.) Commends Timothy 1Co 16:10

B.) Final Exhortations [OR] Final Messages And Greetings [OR] And After Friendly Admonitions 1Co 16:13

C.) Closes His Epistle With Various Salutations 1Co 16:16

3. Greetings 1Co 16:19-24

A.) Greetings And A Solemn Fairwell [OR] Final Greetings 1Co 16:19