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Bible Outline Compendium

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An Exhaustive Compendium Of Bible Events In Outline Form


1 Chronicles


A. The Genealogies 1Ch 1:1-9:44

1a. The Genealogy of Isaac's Descendants 1Ch 1:1-54

I.) Official genealogies 1Ch 1:1

A.) Adam's Line To Noah [OR] The Family Of Adam - Seth To Abraham [OR] Historical Records From Adam To Abraham [OR] Genealogy From Adam [OR] From Adam To Abraham [OR] The Descendants Of Adam To Noah And His Sons 1Ch 1:1

1.) The Sons Of Japheth [OR] The Japhethites 1Ch 1:5

2.) The Sons Of Ham [OR] The Hamites 1Ch 1:8

3.) The Sons Of Shem [OR] The Semites 1Ch 1:17

(I.) Shem's Line To Abraham 1Ch 1:24

(A.) Descendants of Abraham 1Ch 1:27

(B.) The Family of Abraham [OR] From Abraham to Jacob 1Ch 1:28

(C.) Ishmael's sons [OR] The Family of Ishmael [OR] Descendants of Hagar [OR] The sons of Ishmael 1Ch 1:29

(D.) The sons of Keturah [OR] The Family of Keturah [OR] Descendants of Keturah 1Ch 1:32

(E.) The sons of Abraham and Isaac [OR] The Family of Isaac [OR] Descendants of Sarah [OR] The posterity of Abraham by Esau 1Ch 1:34

(1.) The sons of Esau 1Ch 1:35

1. Israel's Twelve Sons 1Ch 2:1-2

(1.) The sons of Jacob (Israel) [OR] The Family of Israel [OR] Israel's Sons [OR] Genealogy: Twelve Sons of Jacob (Israel) [OR] The Sons of Israel and the Descendants of Judah [OR] The sons of Israel 1Ch 2:1

2. Judah's Descendants 1Ch 2:3-55

[a] Genealogy of David 1Ch 2:9

[b] From Ram Son of Hezron 1Ch 2:10

[c] The posterity of Jesse [OR] The children of Jesse 1Ch 2:13

[d] The posterity of Caleb [OR] The Family of Hezron [OR] Caleb Son of Hezron [OR] The posterity of Caleb, the son of Hezron 1Ch 2:18

[e] Posterity of Hezron, father of Caleb, by the daughter of Machir [OR] Hezron's posterity by the daughter of Machir 1Ch 2:21

[f] Jerahmeel's posterity [OR] The Family of Jerahmeel [OR] Jerahmeel Son of Hezron 1Ch 2:25

[g] Another branch of Caleb's posterity [OR] The Family of Caleb [OR] The Clans of Caleb 1Ch 2:42

[h] The posterity of Caleb the son of Hur [OR] The posterity of Caleb, the son of Hur 1Ch 2:50

3. Judah's Descendants: The Royal Family 1Ch 3:1-24

[i] Family of David, born in Hebron [OR] The Family of David [OR] The Sons of David [OR] Family of David [OR] Descendants of David and Solomon 1Ch 3:1

4. More of Judah's Descendants 1Ch 4:1-23

[j] The posterity of Judah by Caleb the son of Hur [OR] The Family of Judah [OR] Other Clans of Judah [OR] Line of Hur, Asher [OR] Descendants of Judah [OR] The posterity of Judah by Caleb, the son of Hur 1Ch 4:1

[k] Of Ashur, the posthumous son of Hezron 1Ch 4:5

[l] Of Jabez, and his prayer [OR] Of Jabez and his prayer 1Ch 4:9

[m] Of Chelub, the brother of Shuah 1Ch 4:11

[n] The posterity of Shelah 1Ch 4:21

5. Simeon's Descendants 1Ch 4:24-43

(1.) The posterity and cities of Simeon [OR] The Family of Simeon [OR] Simeon [OR] Descendants of Simeon 1Ch 4:24

6. Reuben's Descendants 1Ch 5:1-10

(1.) The line of Reuben (who lost his birthright) unto the captivity [OR] The Family of Reuben [OR] Reuben [OR] Genealogy from Reuben [OR] Descendants of Reuben [OR] The line of Reuben (who lost his birthright) to the captivity 1Ch 5:1

[o] Their habitation and conquest of the Hagarites 1Ch 5:10

7. Gad's Descendants 1Ch 5:11-17

(1.) The chief men and habitations of Gad [OR] The Family of Gad [OR] Gad [OR] Descendants of Gad 1Ch 5:11

8. Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh Fight Hagar's Descendants 1Ch 5:18-22

(1.) The number and conquests of Reuben, Gad, and the half of Manasseh [OR] The census and conquests of Reuben, Gad, and the half of Manasseh 1Ch 5:18

9. The Leaders of the Tribe of Manasseh East of the Jordan River 1Ch 5:23-24

10. The Assyrians Capture Gad, Reuben, and Half of the Tribe of Manasseh 1Ch 5:25-26

11. Levi's Descendants 1Ch 6:1-53

(1.) The sons of Levi [OR] The Family of Levi [OR] Levi [OR] Genealogy: The Priestly Line [OR] Descendants of Levi 1Ch 6:1

[p] Musicians in the House of the Lord [OR] The Temple Musicians [OR] Musicians Appointed by David 1Ch 6:31

12. The Cities Belonging to Levi's Descendants 1Ch 6:54-81

13. Issachar's Descendants 1Ch 7:1-5

(1.) The sons of Issachar [OR] The Family of Issachar [OR] Issachar [OR] Genealogy from Issachar [OR] Descendants of Issachar 1Ch 7:1

14. Benjamin's Descendants 1Ch 7:6-12

(1.) The sons of Benjamin [OR] The Family of Benjamin [OR] Benjamin [OR] Descendants of Benjamin [OR] of Benjamin 1Ch 7:6

15. Naphtali's Descendants 1Ch 7:13

(1.) The sons of Nephtali [OR] The Family of Naphtali [OR] Naphtali [OR] Sons of Naphtali [OR] Descendants of Naphtali [OR] of Naphtali and Manasseh 1Ch 7:13

16. Manasseh's Descendants Who Lived West of the Jordan River 1Ch 7:14-19

(1.) The sons of Manasseh [OR] The Family of Manasseh[West] [OR] Manasseh [OR] Descendants of Manasseh 1Ch 7:14

17. Ephraim's Descendants 1Ch 7:20-29

(1.) The sons of Ephraim [OR] The Family of Ephraim [OR] Ephraim [OR] Descendants of Ephraim [OR] and of Ephraim 1Ch 7:20

18. Asher's Descendants 1Ch 7:30-40

(1.) The sons of Asher [OR] The Family of Asher [OR] Asher [OR] Descendants of Asher 1Ch 7:30

19. Benjamin's Descendants 1Ch 8:1-40

(1.) The sons and chief men of Benjamin [OR] The Family Tree of King Saul of Benjamin [OR] The Genealogy of Saul the Benjamite [OR] Genealogy from Benjamin [OR] Descendants of Benjamin 1Ch 8:1

20. The People Who Lived in Jerusalem 1Ch 9:1-34

A.) The Original Of Israel's And Judah's Genealogies [OR] The People In Jerusalem [OR] People Of Jerusalem [OR] Origin Of The Genealogies Of The Kings Of Israel And Judah 1Ch 9:1

1.) The Israelites 1Ch 9:2

(I.) Dwellers In Jerusalem [OR] Inhabitants Of Jerusalem After The Exile 1Ch 9:3

2.) The Priests [OR] The Priests At Jerusalem [OR] Priestly Families 1Ch 9:10

(I.) And The Levites, With Nethinims, Who Dwelt In Jerusalem [OR] The Levites Of Jerusalem [OR] Levitical Families [OR] And The Levites, With The Temple Servants Who Dwell In Jerusalem 1Ch 9:14

(A.) The Levite Gatekeepers 1Ch 9:17

(II.) The Charge Of Certain Levites 1Ch 9:26

(A.) The responsibility of certain Levites 1Ch 9:27

(B.) Other Levite Responsibilities 1Ch 9:28

21. Saul's Descendants 1Ch 9:35-44

1.) The Stock Of Saul And Jonathan [OR] The Family Of King Saul [OR] The Genealogy Of Saul [OR] Ancestry And Descendants Of Saul [OR] The Ancestors And Descendants Of Saul And Jonathan 1Ch 9:35

B. The Acts of David 1Ch 10:1-29:30

1a. The Death of Saul 1Ch 10:1-14

I.) From the death of Saul to the accession of David 1Ch 10:1

A.) Saul's Overthrow And Death [OR] Tragic End Of Saul And His Sons [OR] Saul Takes His Life [OR] Defeat And Death Of Saul And His Sons [OR] Death Of Saul And His Sons 1Ch 10:1

1.) The Philistines Triumph Over Saul 1Ch 10:8

2.) The Kindness Of Jabesh-Gilead Toward Saul And His Sons [OR] Jabesh-Gilead's Tribute To Saul [OR] The Kindness Of Jabesh-Gilead Towards Saul And His Sons 1Ch 10:11

3.) Saul's Sin For Which He Lost The Kingdom [OR] Saul's Sin, And The Transfer Of The Kingdom To David 1Ch 10:13

1. David Anointed King of Israel 1Ch 11:1-3

A.) David Becomes King Over Israel [OR] David Made King Over All Israel [OR] David Anointed King Of All Israel [OR] David, By General Consent, Is Made King At Hebron 1Ch 11:1

2. David Captures Jerusalem 1Ch 11:4-9

1.) Jerusalem Made The Capital Of The United Kingdom [OR] The City Of David [OR] David Conquers Jerusalem [OR] Jerusalem, Capital City [OR] Jerusalem Captured [OR] He Wins The Castle Of Zion From The Jebusites, By Joab's Valor 1Ch 11:4

3. David's Three Fighting Men 1Ch 11:10-19

1.) A Catalogue Of David's Mighty Men [OR] The Mighty Men Of David [OR] David's Mighty Men [OR] David's Mighty Men And Their Exploits 1Ch 11:10

(I.) The Bravery Of Three Captains 1Ch 11:15

4. David's Thirty Fighting Men 1Ch 11:20-47

5. The Men Who Helped David Become King 1Ch 12:1-40

1.) The Companies That Came To David At Ziklag [OR] The Growth Of David's Army [OR] Warriors Join David [OR] David's Supporters In Ziklag [OR] David's Followers In The Wilderness 1Ch 12:1

2.) The Men Of Israel Who Made David King [OR] David's Army At Hebron [OR] Others Join David At Hebron [OR] Supporters Gathered At Hebron [OR] The Armies That Came To Him At Hebron 1Ch 12:23

6. David Has the Ark Brought to Obed Edom's House 1Ch 13:1-14

I.) From the accession of David to his death 1Ch 13:1

A.) Doing A Right Thing In The Wrong Way [OR] The Ark Brought From Kirjath Jearim [OR] Bringing Back The Ark [OR] Peril In Transporting The Ark [OR] The Ark Brought From Kiriath-Jearim [OR] David Brings The Ark From Kirjath-Jearim 1Ch 13:1

1.) Uzza Being Smitten, The Ark Is Left At The House Of Obed-Edom [OR] Uzza Is Smitten And The Ark Is Left At The House Of Obed-Edom 1Ch 13:9

7. David's Palace, Wives, and Children in Jerusalem 1Ch 14:1-7

1.) The Prosperity Of King David [OR] David Established At Jerusalem [OR] David's House And Family [OR] David's Family Enlarged [OR] Hiram's Kindness To David 1Ch 14:1

(I.) David's Good Fortune In People, Wives, And Children 1Ch 14:2

8. David Defeats the Philistines 1Ch 14:8-17

(I.) The Philistines Defeated [OR] David Defeats The Philistines [OR] Philistines Defeated [OR] Defeat Of The Philistines [OR] His Two Victories Over The Philistines [OR] The Ark Brought To Jerusalem [OR] Plans To Move The Ark To Jerusalem [OR] David Prepares A Place For The Ark, Then Orders The Priests And Levites To Bring It From Obed-edom 1Ch 14:8

9. David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem 1Ch 15:1-16:3

A.) Doing A Right Thing In The Right Way 1Ch 15:1

1.) David Brings Up The Ark [OR] He Performs The Solemn Rites With Great Joy 1Ch 15:25

2.) Michal Despises David 1Ch 15:29

3.) David's Festival Sacrifice [OR] The Ark Placed In The Tabernacle [OR] A Tent For The Ark [OR] The Ark Placed In The Tent 1Ch 16:1

10. The Levites Lead the Worship in Jerusalem 1Ch 16:4-43

1.) David Orders A Choir [OR] He Orders A Choir To Sing Thanksgiving 1Ch 16:4

2.) The Psalm Of Thanksgiving [OR] David's Song Of Thanksgiving [OR] David's Psalm Of Thanks [OR] David's Psalm Of Thanksgiving 1Ch 16:7

(I.) Psalm Of Thanksgiving 1Ch 16:8

3.) David Appoints Ministers, Porters, Priests, And Musicians To Attend Continually On The Ark [OR] Regular Worship Maintained [OR] Worship Before The Ark [OR] He Appoints Ministers, Porters, Priests And Musicians To Attend Continually On The Ark 1Ch 16:37

11. David's Wish to Build a House for God 1Ch 17:1-27

A.) David's Desire To Build The Lord's House [OR] God's Covenant With David [OR] God's Promise To David [OR] Nathan, First Approving The Purpose Of David To Build God A House 1Ch 17:1

1.) Later By The Word Of God Forbids Him 1Ch 17:3

2.) The Great Davidic Covenant 1Ch 17:7

(I.) He Promises Him Blessings And Benefits In His Seed 1Ch 17:11

3.) David's Worship And Prayer [OR] David's Prayer [OR] David's Prayer In Response [OR] David's Prayer And Thanksgiving 1Ch 17:16

12. David's Successes 1Ch 18:1-17

A.) The Full Establishment Of David's Kingdom [OR] David's Further Conquests [OR] David's Victories [OR] David's Kingdom Strengthened [OR] David's Kingdom Established And Extended [OR] David Subdues The Philistines And The Moabites 1Ch 18:1

1.) He Smites Hadarezer And The Syrians 1Ch 18:3

2.) Tou Sends Hadoram With Presents To Congratulate David 1Ch 18:9

3.) David Dedicates The Presents And The Spoil To God 1Ch 18:11

4.) He Puts Garrisons In Edom 1Ch 18:13

5.) David's Administration [OR] David's Officials [OR] David's Administration [OR] David's Officers 1Ch 18:14

13. David Defeats Ammon and Aram 1Ch 19:1-19

A.) The Ammonite-Syrian War 1Ch 19:1

1.) First Campaign Under Joab [OR] The Ammonites And Syrians Defeated [OR] The Battle Against The Ammonites [OR] David's Messengers Abused [OR] Defeat Of The Ammonites And Arameans [OR] David's Messengers, Sent To Comfort Hanun The Son Of Nahash, Are Treated Shamefully 1Ch 19:1

(I.) The Ammonites, Strengthened By The Syrians, Are Overcome By Joab And Abishai 1Ch 19:6

(II.) Ammon And Aram Defeated 1Ch 19:10

(III.) Shophach, After Getting New Reinforcements From The Syrians, Is Slain By David 1Ch 19:16

2.) Second Campaign Under David In Person 1Ch 19:17

14. David Defeats the Philistines 1Ch 20:1-8

A.) Joab And David Take Rabbah [OR] Rabbah Is Conquered [OR] The Capture Of Rabbah [OR] War With Philistine Giants [OR] Siege And Capture Of Rabbah [OR] Rabbah Is Besieged By Joab, Spoiled By David And Its People Set To Labor 1Ch 20:1

B.) War With The Philistines [OR] Philistine Giants Destroyed [OR] Exploits Against The Philistines [OR] Three Giants Are Slain In Three General Victories Over The Philistines 1Ch 20:4

15. David Counts the People 1Ch 21:1-22:1

A.) David Sins In Numbering The People [OR] The Census Of Israel And Judah [OR] David Numbers The Fighting Men [OR] Census Brings Pestilence [OR] The Census And Plague [OR] David, Tempted By Satan, Forces Joab To Number The People 1Ch 21:1

1.) Joab's Faithful Protest 1Ch 21:3

(I.) After The People Are Numbered, David Repents Of It 1Ch 21:5

2.) David Chooses His Punishment 1Ch 21:8

(I.) Of The Three Plagues Proposed By Gad, David Chooses The Pestilence 1Ch 21:9

(II.) After 70,000 Die, David Repents And Prevents The Destruction Of Jerusalem 1Ch 21:14

3.) David Buys Ornan's Threshingfloor [OR] David's Altar [OR] David's Altar And Sacrifice [OR] David Purchases Ornan's Threshingfloor, Where God Shows His Favor By Fire, And Halts The Plague 1Ch 21:18

(I.) The Place Chosen For The Temple 1Ch 21:28

B.) David Prepares For Building The Temple 1Ch 22:1

1.) David Prepares Material For The Temple [OR] David Prepares To Build The Temple [OR] David Prepares For Temple Building [OR] David, Foreseeing The Importance Of The Temple, Prepares For Building It 1Ch 22:1

16. David Helps Solomon Prepare to Build the Temple 1Ch 22:2-19

(I.) Preparations For The Temple [OR] David Prepares To Build The Temple 1Ch 22:2

1.) He Instructs Solomon In God's Promises, And His Duty In Building The Temple [OR] Solomon Charged With The Task [OR] David's Charge To Solomon And The Leaders [OR] He Instructs Solomon In God's Promises And His Duty In Building The Temple 1Ch 22:6

2.) The Princes Are Charged To Assist Solomon [OR] He Commands The Princes To Assist His Son 1Ch 22:17

17. The Levites Are Organized to Serve in the Temple 1Ch 23:1-32

A.) David In His Old Age Makes Solomon King [OR] The Divisions Of The Levites [OR] The Levites [OR] Solomon Reigns [OR] Families Of The Levites And Their Functions [OR] David, In His Old Age, Makes Solomon King 1Ch 23:1

B.) The Number And Distribution Of The Levites 1Ch 23:2

1.) Offices Of The Levites [OR] The Number Of The Levites And Their Assignments [OR] Gershonites [OR] The Families Of The Gershonites [OR] Kohathites [OR] The Sons Of Kohath [OR] Merarites 1Ch 23:3

2.) The Families Of The Gershonites 1Ch 23:7

3.) The Sons Of Kohath 1Ch 23:12

4.) The Sons Of Merari 1Ch 23:21

5.) The New Office Of The Levites [OR] Duties Revised [OR] The Office Of The Levites 1Ch 23:24

18. The Organization of the Priests 1Ch 24:1-19

1.) The Divisions Of The Sons Of Aaron By Lot Into Four And Twenty Orders [OR] The Divisions Of The Priests [OR] The Divisions Of Priests [OR] Divisions Of Levites [OR] Divisions Of The Priests [OR] The Divisions Of The Sons Of Aaron By Lot Into Twenty-Four Orders 1Ch 24:1

2.) The Four And Twenty Orders 1Ch 24:5

19. The Organization of the Levites 1Ch 24:20-31

1.) The Kohathites Divided [OR] Other Levites [OR] The Rest Of The Levites [OR] The Kohathites 1Ch 24:20

2.) And The Merarites Divided By Lot 1Ch 24:26

(I.) And The Merarites Divided By Lot 1Ch 24:27

20. David Appoints Musicians for the Temple 1Ch 25:1-31

1.) The Number And Offices Of The Singers [OR] The Musicians [OR] The Singers [OR] Number And Services Of Musicians [OR] The Temple Musicians [OR] The Number Of The Singers And Their Duties 1Ch 25:1

(I.) They Total Two Hundred Eighty-eight 1Ch 25:7

2.) Their Division By Lot Into Four And Twenty Orders [OR] Divisions Of Musicians [OR] Their Division By Lot Into Twenty-Four Orders [OR] The Gatekeepers [OR] Divisions Of The Gatekeepers [OR] The Divisions Of The Porters 1Ch 25:8

21. David Appoints Gatekeepers for the Temple 1Ch 26:1-19

1.) The Division Of The Porters 1Ch 26:1

2.) The Gates Assigned By Lot 1Ch 26:13

22. David Appoints Treasurers for the Temple 1Ch 26:20-28

1.) The Levites That Had Charge Of The Treasures [OR] The Treasuries And Other Duties [OR] The Treasurers And Other Officials [OR] Keepers Of The Treasure [OR] The Treasurers, Officers, And Judges [OR] The Levites Who Had Charge Of The Treasures 1Ch 26:20

23. David Appoints Levites to Oversee Israel's Worship 1Ch 26:29-32

1.) Officers And Judges [OR] Outside Duties 1Ch 26:29

24. David's Government Officials 1Ch 27:1-34

A.) The Twelve Captains For Every Several Month [OR] The Military Divisions [OR] Army Divisions [OR] Commanders Of The Army [OR] The Twelve Captains, One For Each Month 1Ch 27:1

B.) The Princes Of The Twelve Tribes [OR] Leaders Of Tribes [OR] Officers Of The Tribes [OR] Chief Officers Of The Tribes [OR] The Princes Of The Twelve Tribes Are Named 1Ch 27:16

C.) The Numbering Of The People Is Hindered [OR] The Numbering Of The People Is Prevented 1Ch 27:23

D.) David's Several Officers [OR] Other State Officials [OR] The King's Overseers [OR] Various Overseers [OR] Other Civic Officials 1Ch 27:25

1.) Counselors 1Ch 27:32

25. David's Public Assembly at Jerusalem 1Ch 28:1-29:19

A.) David In A Solemn Assembly Gives Counsel To Israel And To Solomon [OR] Solomon Instructed To Build The Temple [OR] David's Plans For The Temple [OR] David's Address About The Temple [OR] David Exhorts The People To Fear God 1Ch 28:1

1.) He Encourages Solomon To Build The Temple 1Ch 28:9

2.) He Gives Him Patterns For The Form, And Gold And Silver For The Materials 1Ch 28:11

3.) David Encourages Solomon To Build The Temple 1Ch 28:20

4.) David Exhorts The People [OR] Offerings For Building The Temple [OR] Gifts For Building The Temple [OR] Offerings For The Temple [OR] David, By His Example And Earnest Plea 1Ch 29:1

5.) The Princes And People Offer Willingly [OR] Causes The Princes And People To Offer Willingly 1Ch 29:6

6.) David's Thanksgiving And Prayer [OR] David's Praise To God [OR] David's Prayer 1Ch 29:10

26. Solomon Is Made King 1Ch 29:20-25

1.) The People, Having Blessed God And Sacrificed, Make Solomon King [OR] After Blessing God And Offering Sacrifices, The People Make Solomon King 1Ch 29:20

(I.) Solomon Anointed King [OR] Solomon Acknowledged As King [OR] Sacrifices 1Ch 29:21

(II.) Solomon Again Made King [OR] Solomon Anointed King 1Ch 29:22

A.) Accession Of Solomon 1Ch 29:23

27. David's Reign 1Ch 29:26-30

A.) Reign And Death Of David [OR] The Close Of David's Reign [OR] The Death Of David [OR] Summary Of David's Reign [OR] David's Reign And Death 1Ch 29:26

1.) Death Of David 1Ch 29:28

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The work herein is a compendium of the work of anonymous Bible scholars who summarized Bible passages. The [OR] operators indicate differences in how different Bible scholars summarized given Bible passages. Standard outline form is not always followed due to overlapping events or overlapping times in which events took place.

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